Chris Tomlin - How Can I Keep From Singing

This morning .. .when I woke up, this song was in my heart. .
That happens so rarely that when it did, I felt that I must find it and let you hear it too. .
"how can I keep from singing your praise? How can I ever say enough?"
I thought about how so many of you are on my heart this weekend. . and as this song says. .
"though the storms may come I am holding on to the rock .. I cling!"

I'm still praying for you. . .I'm tempted to say you by name, but I know that there are many more yet. .that God wants to touch with his Love. .
OH. .and the pictures. . I just smiled. .and thought. . well that would be a fun job ..

Anways. . blessings!

All for now. . .with love,


  1. God has really blessed this young man with words and music to honor Him and encourage us. I think I own all his cd's and doubles of some so I can have them here and in Washington :0) I also love it when I wake up with a song in my head. Blessings on your day and may God extend his peace and comfort to those who are carrying a heavy load...

  2. I agree with you...when we awake with a song on our lips it's best to pay attention. Will return and listen in a spare moment later today.

  3. You've got me singing the words the sun dawns brightly on a most glorious Sunday.

    Thanks for your prayers and encouragement for those who are in the middle of the storms of life.

  4. i often have this song on my heart as well.
    i just love it, and for those that are carrying a heavy load.....and find your self in a storm.....cling on to the one who calms the storm and brings light into the darkness.
    without the Lord i would have sank long ago.
    thankyou lovella for caring enough for all who are on your heart to pray for, and all of those you don't know and just lift them (us)in prayer!
    a beautiful way to start a sunday morning!

  5. When I clicked on the clip I was expecting a familiar hymn by the same name - so thoroughly enjoyed hearing a new one! If I can find the one I know I'll post it too, sometime.

  6. Thank you Lovella, for the blessing of this song. . . . it was what I needed this morning. . . .
    Debbie M.

  7. This post was a gift from you to me...thank you so much. I never heard this song before, but I do believe I will spend all eternity singing it, because of His Love and Grace.

  8. In response to your comment on my was a very unusual 92 degrees here yesterday, so it was plenty warm. I think it is fun to know that you two enjoy that pasttime also.

  9. It's wonderful to be given the special blessing of a song in one's heart upon waking, and a heart overflowing with praise and joy. I just love it when that happens! Thank you for sharing this song with us, and for your prayers too.

    You have such a gracious way of writing that is so lovely and speaks to us all of God's love. It encourages me to want to take more time and give more thought to doing the same.

  10. Thanks Lovella! What a great song... I posted it to facebook today. I love Chris Tomlin's music. Have a wonderful day!

  11. Good message in song -- it was interesting to see Watkins Glen State Park which is just an hour drive from my home and Letchworth State Park which is about a three hour drive.

  12. What a wonderful song. My heart is still singing at this week hour and loving it. What sweet music to lay my head to rest.


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