all done!

I echo Grandgirlie's words. . ."all done".

Easter is cleaned up. . .the pans are dried and put away for next year.

On Saturday I suddenly decided I needed to have a bit of my good friend Hilda's glums paska for the paska topping . . and so I whipped up a batch. . which I'll post next year. . remind me.

I'm glad I have a hidden loaf or two of paska in the freezer. . .

at least it was still there last time I looked.

I made the braid for the table centerpiece as long as I could. .

maybe . . .someday I'll need an extra wide oven. . .

if our table continues to grow. . .

which reminds me. . .

it's a grammie day. . .

and we are hunting Easter eggs today. .

(since the bunny was stuck in the mud on Sunday). . .

oh joy. .

All for now. . .with love,




  2. Good Morning! I'm new to blogging...and found a whole new world out there! I truly enjoy your blog, Lovella! I stumbled upon it (NOT accidently, I'm sure:) Thank you for the inspirations ~ I have found myself tearing up while reading some of your posts...and have shared it with others. Easter Blessings to you ~Maria ps. Love the spring bouquets!

  3. I'd put an alarm on the freezer if I were you!
    That braid is beautiful. What lovely traditions to pass on to your grandchildren.

  4. The Easter braid is a great idea...but will I remember that until next year? Love the vibrant colours on your eggs as well.

    The sun is 'threatening' to it might just be a fine day for hunting eggs. Have fun with your grands.

    PS I'm just wondering if we could find a new name for 'glums' just doesn't sound so appealing. With a new name...I think I might try it!

  5. Guess what I'm baking??

    Finally . . .

    I'll let you know you how it turns out.

    Happy Cousin Camp Day!

  6. I'm sure that the little ones at cousin camp don't care what day they do the Easter egg hunt, just as long as it happens.

  7. I guess I'm not even sure what "glums" is!! Your Easter braid is so lovely -- what a nice centerpiece!

  8. What a fun idea that braid is :0)
    I'm going to walk for a week without stopping just to walk off all the Paska....

  9. Oh yea. I think we're all finished in more ways than one.
    I finally had to purchase a new table and chairs this winter because our family is expanding....
    Now I can seat all 14.
    Enjoy the sun with your wee little ones.

  10. I love the braid..very pretty centrepiece!
    Have fun hunting for those eggs! The cousins will hardly know what they are doing but will love it all the same!

  11. I need to try your paska. I've heard ravings about it, but never tasted it myself. Sigh. What's a pregnant girl to do?! You might just find me on your doorstep one of these days. ;)

  12. What a beautiful post...Happy Easter.
    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  13. What beautiful flowers! I'm assuming they may have arrived on Easter?? :) The Paska looks wonderful, and someday I need to try it.

  14. I so enjoy your blog. You are very inspiring. I saw your posts and pictures about paska and I thought I should give this a try because I am newly married to a Mennonite man who, of course, loves paska. It turned out wonderfully, and delicious. By the way, my husband was very happy that his new wife could whip up this favorite of his. Thank you, and God bless you for what you are doing here.


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