today. . .we will say goodbye

I want to thank each one of you that took a moment to leave such kind and loving words of condolence to Hilda and her family. I plan to print them out and give them to her with the post. . . a bloggy card.

Today we will say "goodbye" to John . . .but really we will say .. .till we meet again. This has been such a different week than we could ever have imagined for our first week of February 2009. It does make a person pause to wonder and realize that we can plan our days and look forward to our future here on earth, but as we've witnessed, you never know.

Our first stop will be to the cemetery. . . We'll stand shoulder to shoulder with other close friends. . .right behind the family who has lost the one they love so much.

The celebration of John's life will take place after that in the church he loved to worship in. I can only imagine how many lives he touched there. While I am nearly certain there will be weeping and sadness because he is missed. . .there will be smiles and hearts full of thanksgiving for a life well lived.

Many people live good lives and hope it is good enough ... John was a good man, but he was saved by grace and his love for Jesus and nothing more.

After the service, we'll go to center court and have some lunch together. . . people will sit around the tables and tell of their memories and visit with people they haven't seen in ages. . . there will be lots of hugging and nods of understanding . . ..

And then. . .we'll all go each to our own homes . . and that is the part that will be the hardest . .. . .

My prayer is that God will surround Hilda with a peace that she could have never imagined. I pray that God will keep us all mindful .. .family and friends alike, of little ways we can fill the gap for this family we care about.

We have already seen so many ways that the little details have fallen perfectly into place .

It is in these small details that I have assurance that God in his Heavens. . . is leaving not one detail of Hilda and John's life together. . .unfinished.

All for now. . .with love,


  1. It is wonderful that Hilda and her family have taken the extra time between John's going home and today. (Our celebration was Monday evening and the church was packed to the rafters. I imagine that will be your experience today as well.)

    Your thoughtful words have caused me to ponder...perhaps "teach us to number our days" thoughts. I liked what Judy said so well the other day that her family didn't have a lot of time to say goodbye, but eternity is a long, long time. It'll be one wonderful hello for sure.

    Keeping Hilda, her immediate family, and her church family in prayer today.

  2. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers today as it will be a long and emotionally exhausting one...but yes, one for rejoicing as well..PTL!

    We all have a sweet reunion to look forward to one day ~ imagine!

  3. Keeping Hilda and family and you in prayer will be a hard one for sure.
    Lovella, I love the idea of the 'bloggy card'.

  4. Beautifully said, Lovella. As difficult as things are during a time like this, there's a joy and peacefulness that comes from knowing that this separation is just temporary. Praise be to God for the assurance of salvation and an eternity that will be spent with Him...all because of this incredible saving grace. Thank you, Jesus.

  5. Thoughts and prayers for you and the family for today and days to come...

  6. Beautiful words, you leave to 'celebrate the life' of your dear friend. We all make plans...but ultimately we are in God's hands...and our days are this world that is not our home. I will continue to pray for Hilda and her family as she comes to the days and weeks ahead.

  7. I do pray that today the Lord's special blessing will be upon you all. I'll be thinking of you.

  8. Praying for Hilda and her family today ...

  9. Well written Lovella. I can't imagine what you've been going through this week.
    This has really reminded me once again, the importance of learning not to fuss over things that cause stress, but to dwell on the events that bring peace and happiness.
    John was obviously a light and I hope that's what people can say of me someday...
    We will continue to pray for Hilda and the family....
    This is all too fast and quick.

  10. Such a lovly post for this difficult day. The hard part is the end of the day when life will really begin in a new way. Jer. 31:25 holds a promise, "I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint". We will join you all at the service today to support the family and to celebrate John's life here on earth, and we will have peace in the midst of sorrow knowing that he is with the Lord.

  11. Prayers for you today Lovella, and your dear friend and her family.

  12. How thankful I am on days such as today that we do not sorrow as the world sorrows !! We DO have hope! Hope -KNOWING- we will see our loved ones again!

    1Th 4:13,14 "But I do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning those who have fallen asleep, lest you sorrow as others who have no hope.
    For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring with Him those who sleep in Jesus."

    But even mixed with hope, grief is real as are the tears and the pain!
    My prayers are especially with Hilda and her children today...perhaps the most difficult day of their lives. May God truly reveal His comfort to them- to each in a personal way!
    and may all who come to mourn and celebrate the life of the one they all loved ! come away blessed !!

  13. Keeping you all in my prayers today - and for the hard days that follow. Asking the Lord to fill the empty space with His comfort and love.

  14. i can only imagine.....what it must be like to be surrounded by His glory to stand in
    His prescence and worship Him...surrounded by His majesty. Let there be great comfort for the family knowing this and looking forward to this one day....when the reuniting takes place.

  15. Our thoughts and our prayers are and have been with Hilda, her family, and all those of you friends so close to John. We have already heard many a testimony of the wonderful man he was and I know that witness will live on. We will keep you in our prayers.


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