This week I learned .. .

the value of dodging a pucker that is in reality my lips looking like a suitable teething ring. . .

the best physical fitness regime comes with no manual . . .just a child's chatter that beckons me to come . . .

being available to keep someone company .. .sometimes comes with unexpected blessings. . . .

sitting outside in the sunshine drinking coffee out of a paper cup mid February in Canada with good company (since Vee asked. .yes it was my beloved) . .is better than drinking it out of a china cup anywhere else.

See you Monday with a post to celebrate my Jubilee.

All for now .. .with love,


  1. Ahhhh, you've been learning some wonderful things! I must take a cue from you. You have me so curious about this paper cup sipping friend on the porch. Your beloved?

  2. Fantastic life lessons...thanks for sharing them! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Lovely post I too am thankful for all the gems that God sends my way no mater how big or small.
    Have a very blessed weekend.

  4. Lovella..a lot of blessings for sure and you cherish them all. It is good to take time to reflect.

  5. i love the way you find beauty in the simple everyday....with those that you cherish........that is a life lesson worth passing on!

  6. It sounds like a week of unplanned blessings...and those are the very best. It's the little things in life that account for most of it. Stopping to reflect doubles the pleasure...and helps us put everything in perspective.

    Have a wonderful 'jubilee' weekend. It's a milestone worth marking...big time!

  7. I can see that you are reaping the beautiful benefits of those little ones and it grows on you...
    Yes, we too sat in the sunshine with coffee and finished off my B.cake yesterday... looks like another beautiful day.

  8. great writing Lovella. Thanks for the 'reflections'.

  9. Lovella is 49 and holding...holding...holding...wait for it....

  10. Have a wonderful Jubilee weekend, Lovella. Celebrate with the ones you love, and revel in the years with which you've been blessed. Believe me, it just keeps getting better!!

  11. Ah...the priceless things to be learned in this life...if we but take the time! :)

  12. Have you considered what the year of Jubilee means?
    It is the year of fresh beginnings but practically it means captives are set free, everything is returned to the original owners and no farming is allowed !

    Hmm... how literally are you celebrating ??? smile

  13. I love the earthy hues in this photo...have a great weekend!

  14. This sounds like a Fave Five! Great lessons and blessings this week.

  15. Marvelous post! Love the photos! I am just learning how to get them on to my post!

  16. What a lovely picture ...

    wish you could come over and sip coffee with me. Really.

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  17. Happy Birthday, Lovella!!!!!!! Be sure to go out and find the perfect red hat! And make sure it has lots of feathers!!!!! I wish I could stop by with a cup of tea and some goodies for you.



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