Kitchen Scissor buns

The last little while, I have been going back and forth to the fridge, hauling out my ice cream pail and pinching off a ball of dough.. .rolling it into a cylinder .. .and letting it rise. After about a half hour .. .I pull my scissors out of the drawer. . .and cut deep into the cylinder ever inch and a half or so .. .depending on how big I want my scissor rolls to be. Then, I turn them first one way. . .and the next one the other way.

They look so professional. . .I am tempted to tell guests. . .I made those you know. . .

Oh Lovella. . .you may be in your year of Jubilee. . but sometimes you are still a school girl. If you would like to impress your guests with homemade scissor rolls. . run on over to Mennonite Girls Can Cook. . I've posted it there.

It's a cousin camp day today. . . I'd best go put my runners on . .

All for now. . with love,

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  1. Those scissor buns look mighty good! I'll check them out while you're enjoying your day with the little tykes!

  2. Oh Lovella, you should tell people you made them..these buns look wonderful!
    Have a fun day..runners means cousin camp??

  3. They look amazing...I say that a woman has to take credit and enjoy celebration every chance she gets! Enjoy those kiddles fun!

  4. They look lovely - and I'm sure they taste even better!

    Now, why didn't I think of calling my 50th year, a year of Jubilee? Such a good reason to celebrate - Could this be a decade of Jubilee? or do you think I'd be pushing it a bit?


  5. I never had any idea why thet were called scissor it all makes sense. Enjoy your cousin camp!

  6. I'm on my way over to check out those rolls. Just the thing with a pot of pea soup, I'd think.

  7. You clever girl you! I'll check out the recipe and pray for the day when I can eat rolls again.

  8. You clever girl you! I'll check out the recipe and pray for the day when I can eat rolls again.

  9. Have fun at camp! I'll check out the buns :0)

  10. The W post was fun to do. I didn't include my wee (w)one because he's going to get his own post this week :)

  11. We know that your Jubilbee year is passing by....shortly.
    We all love those special dates as some of us have kept sliding wider...
    Those buns look interesting and yummy.

  12. I love your, "I'm tempted to tell people, 'I made those, you know'"
    I'm sure that one bite will tell you so . . .

  13. Perfect timing, Lovella!
    I was just wanting a good recipe for 'buns' (other than my tried and true- smile) We're expecting guests and who better to impress??
    I WILL tell them I made them BUT I will also tell them it was 'Lovella's Recipe' !

  14. Love your blue scissors! Have fun with cousin camp.

    BTW- I had to laugh at your last entry about liquid embroidery. My mom was into that too. And so was I until----

    That dreaded night that I left a tube of bright orange paint on the floor and Dad came in from work late at night and stepped on it. It squirted all over our newly rennovated basement family room. The doors, the carpet, and picture, the couch!! I spent the next weeekend refinishing the door and scrapping paint. (The only good thing was this was during the "burnt orange"-"avacado green" period and it kinda blended in!)

  15. i am going to have to check out the recipe.......they look really good. and who wouldn't want fresh buns on short notice...just whip them out!

  16. I've always bought those buns, never thought to make them. I must give it a go.
    I'm sure they'll be a hit, my hubby loves everything I make from this blog:)


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