In regards to Groundhog day. . .

Fantastic News. . . .

Last evening. . . . . .

I consulted with our grand massive guinea pig that fancies himself a bit of a hog .. .

about his yearly predictions of spring.

He assured me. . .with a bit of a bribe from the refrigerator. . .salad drawer. . .

that winter is all but a distant memory.

And you all chuckled when I said it was the last snowfall of the winter. . .

I suppose it will be Guinea Pig Warryn's word against

the celebrity ground hog from the east.

With optimism brimming yesterday morning. . .

I went in search of Spring 2009. . . .

If you get close enough. . .it is there. ..

All for now. . its cousin camp today. . .

or as my beloved affectionately refers to it. . .

the grew-some two-some. . .I asked him not how it was spelled.

I choose to believe the best in people.


  1. I much prefer Warren's prognostication over Phil's any time! (Except that here in Florida, Spring is all too quickly followed by Summer...which is my least favorite season because of bugs, heat and hurricanes!)

    Enjoy Cousin Camp!

  2. Oh have signs of spring??..please send the warmer weather our way! It was -33(with windchill-37)this morning so no signs of spring around here!!
    I love Terry's name for cousin camp..and the way you spelled it!! hehe
    Have a fun day!

  3. Lovella, I am feeling slightly envious with the signs of spring in your neck of the woods. Mother Nature still has her fist firmly clenched on all the buds here in Calgary. I trust she will release them in due time!

  4. Mist and drizzly over here, and I'm not sure what the Vancouver Island Marmot saw when he popped up for a look yesterday. There are still dingy heaps of old snow (from Christmas!) under the trees where the sun never reaches.

  5. Hahahaha...that's funny! The grew-some two-some and the best in people...definitely the best in grands for they are nearly perfect in every way.

    Over here, we are thrilled with Phil. Only six more weeks of winter? Yahoo!!

  6. I'll take that...I'm ready for spring. You have fun with your great two-some today.

  7. I'll take Warren's prediction, please. Although down here there's not much winter so I don't think Ellen or I ought to be allowed to vote.

  8. Very cute! I do hope Spring will come a blazing in all it's glory! Love your spelling of that phrase....

  9. Ohh .. Lovella ! You are always good for a smile or a giggle or a heart-life in the morning !
    Enjoy your grew-some(I'm sure) cousin camp !!!

  10. I'm quite sure that our groundhogs never even came up to have a look! More snow this morning, to the tune of about 3-4 inches. i think winter is here for awhile.

  11. I sure do like your Warren! Oh for just a little glimpse of the promise you're seeing!!

  12. signs of spring??

    only indoors here :)

    we have a storm on the way.

  13. you can never go wrong with believeing in the best of people.

    i had two clients that came together and walked in the door laughing that the gruesometwosome were here....what fun ladies.

    definately, no signs of spring here, brrrrr.

  14. Believing with signs of spring here in Ct...expecting 12 more inches of snow tomorrow, on top of todays 4 or 5 inches!

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted


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