Having my cake and eating it too!!

Dear goodness. . . .what a party it was is. . ..

It was very tempting to show you the picture of my big boys clowning about. . .

but instead I'm showing you their mature . . .friendly side with a wee twinkle in their eye.

After dinner at the Keg with the big kids. . .we came back to our house and enjoyed dessert made by Bea. . .

( I immediately tried to rope her into the MGCC. . . smart girl saw me coming)

Thank you .. .oh so much for all the smiles yesterday.

I was absolutely blessed beyond belief and so humbled by all the posts and comments helping me celebrate my Jubilee.

I said. . . "I don't deserve all this kindness. . . .it's too much. . .they are too kind"

He smiled. . . and was a bit teary. . .you blessed us both. . .thank you!!!

I've not many pictures to prove where I've all been and what I've been doing. . .

but at the end of the week, I'll do my best effort to tell the stories. .. .in review.

All for now. .with love,


  1. thank you
    I was needing something to go with coffee.

    happy day, again!!!

  2. Aww, I'm so glad that you had a wonderful celebration!

  3. i so glad you had so much fun....
    we all had fun, honoring you!
    look forward to see what you have all been up too.

  4. Oh.. Lovella, enjoy today with your little ones... Today - the first day of the second half of your life!! smile..

    You know what I love about special memories? No-one can change them or take them away! I'm soo glad you were blessed yesterday!

  5. Love the photo of you and your boys. Boy you can tell they belong to you and your guy! Glad you are making lots of sweet memories...

  6. After Friday's post I couldn't wait for Monday to come for a visit here. Monday came and so did a few other things that kept me away so I missed your special day.

    Happy belated jubilee Lovella :) and may your week hold many more special moments. Thank you for sharing your heart here with the rest of us.

  7. Is that a silk scarf, all twisted and wrapped around your neck? The color is perfect for you!

  8. Is that a glowing crown I see? A new one must have been purchaced for you this year. I wonder if there is a story behind it. I sure hope you didn't have to wear it at the Keg...or maybe that would have been fun. Looks like you have been having wonderful birthday cakes. Kathy

  9. You have arrived...amid great celebration...and in good company!

    Nice pic's...good looking bodyguards...yummy dessert...and I love your flower vase.

  10. Mmm - delicious looking cake, gorgeous crown, lovely flowers and cute boys - what more could a mom ask for??

  11. It's fun to see the Big Boys get into the picture...
    Keep enjoying and sharing the love that they bring along with those little ones.

  12. I'm happy that you had a great day..that you embraced it and are making many wonderful memories. Way to go..

  13. Gosh, what a nice picture! I'm not one bit surprised that you have two handsome sons. I'm so glad that you had a wonderful day and that you are going to go right on celebrating!

  14. Grin...and the wishes keep flowing....for sure Lovella. Happy 2nd half someone said in their comment...Your picture shows what a wonderful family you have to 'grow' with and what joy they brought you yesterday amidst all your other friends and well wishers....I can tell your day was a blessing....heres to many more.

  15. Happy, happy, happy Birthday!
    So glad you were surrounded by such wonderful people.
    You deserve to have the best day every! And add to that the grandbabies - life doesn't get much better! :)

  16. That's the first time I've seen a picture of your boys - they are obviously as proud of you as you are of them. Glad you had a great day - don't stop celebrating though - it was a YEAR of Jubilee as I remember it.

  17. Looks like fun was had by all...I can see it was a very happy celebration. Wish I had a plate of those little mini desserts right now!

    The other Sara....

  18. Sounds, and looks, like a wonderful time!!! Such pretty flowers too!


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