my playhouse. . .at last

Ever since I was quite little. . .

I dreamed of having my own play house.

I wanted a place where I could have my little friends over. . . to play house of course.

My friend Mary MacAulay who lived down the road when I was in elementary school. . .

had the best playhouse.

Her house had an unfinished basement that had one corner of it set aside for the two of us to string up lines and blankets.

We hauled old wooden crates, chipped dishes, her mothers old heels and dresses .. .

and our fantasies of who we were currently married to never ended.

The plot never changed. . .I was permanently pregnant. . .always with a long black satin skirt with a pillow stuffed underneath to bring further proof to my condition.

We made shelving out of old boards found behind the family dairy barn. . .

and we swept that basement floor clean. . .( I had an odd thing about wanting to clean up at other peoples houses for a bit .. .don't worry. . .that ended)

and the clock meant nothing to us . . .

It seems fitting that for my year of Jubilee. . .

my beloved and I begin a new chapter in our lives . ..

and his gift to me .. .

was a playhouse.

I've wasted no time. . . making it homey . .for the two of us ..

and on occasion we just may invite a wee one or two. . .

to join us.

Our first trip will be all alone. . .just the way we started.

I thought I'd show you a few shots before the playing begins. . .while it's still all neat and clean.

We're not going anywhere just yet. . .but when we do. . you'll know it.

I'll do a jubilee celebration in review next week. . .

we're still celebrating.

All for now. ..with love,


  1. Oh, Lovella, this is great! I love your playhouse and I wish you many happy future memories as a couple as well as with grandkids!

  2. I'm so excited for you!!! what a beautiful playhouse!!! The kitchen looks wonderful!

    It was funny reading your post, especially after just posting a very similar one about my Uncle Bill!!

  3. Love it! Love it! Love it!

    Miss mine...those were good years. You are right, everyone should have a playhouse and the grown up version is just as much fun as the kid style ones.

    Happy memories coming right up...even before you ever leave the driveway.

  4. Oh boy! How exciting is this?!! Your hubby sure knows how to make his gal happy.

    I had to laugh at your perpetual state of maternity... When playing house, I (who always had short hair) always created long, flowing locks for myself with a pillowcase. Yes, thank you, I was lovely!

  5. So exciting...and with a promise of so many adventures ahead. Looks like a second home fun! Enjoy the dreaming as well as the fun times ahead.

  6. The whole time I was wondering...if it was for real. How exciting.
    And I can see that their is a Slideout as my little man recalls sleeping in that section.
    How fun...Playing house again, I just hope you don't get pregnant again.....

  7. Now that is a beautiful playhouse, Lovella! You will have such fun. Let the good times roll!

  8. What a perfect playhouse! You are going to have such a lot of fun with your Terry. Will your trips be planned ahead of time, or will you risk sticking a pin in a map, and following whimsy?
    My sisters and I played 'covered wagons' for years! We'd drape blankets from the top of a bunkbed and roam the prairies. We had to take turn driving the rig (not the favoured role) and being inside, wearing a glamorous bonnet and caring for the baby (youngest sister, conveniently small and anxious for any role in the game).

  9. Oh that is exciting. It's my and my husband's dream to get a 'playhouse' one day and tour the East Coast.

  10. It looks like adventures coming up ahead for you two. And the dreaming beforehand is all part of the fun! What a wonderful gift. Was it a total surprise? Dairymary

  11. A playhouse that moves! How cool is that??!

  12. As Willow stated..'a playhouse that moves' exciting is that Lovella?? I love it, I have enjoyed many such trips in a 'playhouse' on the move or just at home and it is so much fun. I know you will have a great time and you always be 'home' no matter where you go.

  13. I know you are going to have so much fun. I know you are already having fun playing...and setting things up. You will build so many fun memories as you pull your house here and there. Enjoy! Kathy

  14. Oh what fun! It will be great to see the adventures you have in it...

  15. I think you have GREAT taste in playhouses. I like it's decor - woodsy not formal. Is it a trailer or a motorhome? Have fun!!

  16. I loved playhouses when I was little - we used to call them cubbyhouses.

    I had one in a crawl space under our stairs - I loved it - even if it did smell a bit like the potatoes that were also stored there :)

    Yours is so lovely - what a great new subject for blog posts - I can hardly wait!

  17. Oh, how fun! You will have wonderful adventures in your new playhouse - for real ones, not those left to the imagination.

    You have a thoughtful, loving hubby - this is a perfect gift with which to celebrate your jubilee! I'm looking forward to enjoying our travels "with" you!

  18. I can see the future posts now! So fun!

    My kids LOVE camping with their grandparents!
    I am thinking you may have trouble getting away without your grandbabies once they are hooked :)

  19. How delightful! And how wonderful for you and your husband to try it out alone, together. I love your header. Is that a collage in Picasa? I have a Mac and can't get Picasa to work with my OS.

  20. Wishing you many happy times in you playhouse. We had a Rialta and took it on many trips and we loved it. There's something about seeing the world from a home on wheels instead of a car. Blessings, Loretta

  21. What an awesome playhouse!! Can we start 'camping' with you guys again?! What fun - it looks beautiful - Love Flo


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