front row. . .first seat

I have tickets for a play today. . .

The plot is slim to none .. .

I clap. . .quite often. . .not sure when the first act starts or when it ends. . .

It's a grammie day. .

all for now. . .with love,


  1. I loved that! I'm sure you will have a wonderful day.

  2. So cute! I bet that you're the best audience ever!

    Wonderful springy new header!

  3. oh this little one is too adorable.
    keep being the cheer leader for all that your grandkids is incredibly vital to who they become......

  4. An encouraging audience is all they need...and grammies are good at that! Have a fun time.

  5. If New Boy were there he'd be clapping, too. All.the.time. With a big smile. Yelling out, "Do,do,do,do!"

    You have the Second Cutest Grandson West of the Rockies!

  6. awwww.... Grammies don't need a plot -- we just need the actors to show up !!! Have a fun day!!!

  7. I'm sure that little grandboy puts on a wonderful show - what a sweetie-pie!

    I love your new header - don't tell me that those daffodils are from this year?

    If that's the case, I may have to sigh . . .

  8. Yes, beautiful header! I think I'll have to go and see what my daffodils are doing in the back of the yard.
    Enjoy the play! Are you one of those actors that is ready to stand in at any time? What are they called?

  9. What else can one say. So cute.

  10. so cute. i'd love to see the performance as well :)

  11. So sweet, Lovella! Our oldest daughter is due for her 1st baby on the 26th. We can hardly wait. The hard part is she is in Montana, and we are in Michigan! Waaaa


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