I decided two years ago while searching for a picture of my mom at age 48. . .
I would take a picture every year .. .a little self photography. . .nothing fancy. . .
just me and my trusty Cannon.
If you feel the need to compare this years entry with the last two. . check under birthday posts on my sidebar.
This is my big 50 .. .for documentation purposes.
My mom always said. . ." you are much prettier when you smile". . .and again she was correct. . .
I tried to take a few looking reflective. . .and at age 50. . I looked a wee bit slack in the jowls. . .
smiling. . .actually tightens up the jaw line. ..
. . . ah good times.
What can I record today that I haven't already said?
I feel as though I've poured my heart out on this blog .. .
if not outright at least enough for me to know what I was saying in retrospect. . .
between the lines.
I've already been treated with such kindness this weekend and the festivities to celebrate my jubilee are not nearly done. . .
I will summarize the weeks events on Friday.
For now. . .I am blissfully content . . .
with my lot in life . . .
Update . 6:15 in the morning. . .all I can say is I am speechless. .
to all my bloggy friends who have posted in my honour. .
Thank you. . you girls know my heart. .
I am completely humbled by this. .
This morning's read has been. . .
the best package of cards. .
Thank you. .

All for now. . .with love,


  1. Hi Lovella! Since I'm in another time zone I get to finally be the first to comment! Happy Birthday . . . so glad to know that smiling still makes one look younger! Have a most wonderful day!!

  2. Happy Birthday Lovella!!! I too am in a different time zone so am up before you all in the north. So glad you are celebrating all week long. It is a priviledge to get a peek in your life. I am also glad to have met you in person. Blessings to you.

  3. Well, dear friend... you are are one nifty fifty!!!

    ...I am walking the 50's highway and love it!!!

    Life keeps getting better and better....Happy Birthday

  4. Happy Birthday, Lovella! Your photo is beautiful and a smile always makes us look radiant and younger!

    So, are we supposed to ask you a question?

    You share a birthday with two special people: my wonderful, late father-in-law and my precious sister-in-law.

  5. Awwwww, you are just the cutest thing ... then AND now!

    I hope the day, the week, the WHOLE year of jubilee fills you in a way you have never been filled before ... with blessings overflowing, AND with opportunities to bless in return.

  6. Happy Birthday, Lovella! Fifty looks superb on you, now let me tell you. I'm looking forward to your jubilee week/year. I know right well that you know how to share the joy.

    (That you "pour" yourself out on your blog is what makes it such a blessing. Keep right on pouring as long as you have plenty of you left. => )

  7. Happy 50th Birthday Lovella!! Having turned "50" myself, a few years ago, I can tell you that it is wonderful!! Yes, new things start to happen that never happened before, but one also starts to look at life differently. Each day is a gift from God to us. I wish you many inspiring, contented and fulfilling days ahead!!

  8. FABULOUS at fifty!
    Three years ago your world was so different...and look at how rich it is now. I suspect this joyeous jubilee is only a beginning though. Like my favorite birthday toast goes: May this be the best birthday you have ever had, and may it also be your worst birthday compared to all those in the come in the future.

  9. Happy Birthday, Lovella! I think we all got up extra early today to come to your party. I've been out and about...checking up on the celebrations...and now I'm having a slice of that birthday strata...that Betty cooked up.

    Many blessings to through all your 'jubilee' celebrations.

  10. Happy Birthday Lovella!!
    What a blessing you are!

  11. What a good idea to document the years with a birthday photo. It's always hit and miss with me...
    Have a fabulous Day and Week and Year Lovella!

    When I look at those pictures of you as a "wee one" I could very well be looking at a picture of Shaye. How cute! Hope you have a great day!

  13. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday, Dear Lovella,
    Happy Birthday to you...

    with love from,

    Kama & family :)

  14. I love that you have embraced your celebration and are able to accept the good wishes and cyber parties from your friends. I think that's one of the greatest gifts that comes with age - the ability to know when it's time to accept such lovely things with a big smile, head up and no 'but you shouldn't have'. Congratulations on your Jubilee! Continue to have fun with your celebrations, and your blog - and I hope you'll continue to share it with us, as it's such a pleasure to open up to see that you've written something new.

  15. Happy Birthday Lovella!!! I can't wait to hear/see more of what your celebrations have been involving!!!

    I hope when I am 50 that I am as fun-loving and full of life as you are.

    May the Lord continue to bless you and your family! Thanks for sharing with us through your blog!

  16. Happy Birthday Lovella! I hope you have a great day and memorable week. I am sure Terry has a host of surprises in store for you. I can't wait to hear about them.
    Your birthday is extra special to me because you share the day with Taryn !
    Blessing to you today and good health and memories for the year!

  17. Lovella, I too will wish you a very happy birthday/jubilee year, from a reader you have not met. What a great idea, to celebrate all year! Who would have thought of it, but you. Your words are an inspiration to so many, thanks for sharing. DAirymary

  18. Happy Birthday Lovella.

    I enjoyed reading your BIRTHDAY'S and reading the poem on wishing you "More". I ditto that for you. Have a wonderful day.

    Pauline and I are cousins so I guess we are "all in the family".

  19. It seems like such a short time ago when those 'old' photos were how I knew you ! smile...
    You're not getter older,dear cousin.. you're just getting better !!!
    Wishing you a blessed birthdy, ALL DAY ! (and year!)

  20. Happy Happy Birthday Lovella. You look as wonderful as ever, really, you look so good. Hope you have a great day and week. I love you.

  21. I'm sending you messages to pick up in afew places today. Look at the 'basket' of cards here on line for you this AM. You are loved and appreciated....that is a gift in itself. 'FRIEND'... That one word holds so much when it comes to you and me. Thursday we will create another memory day as grown up girlfriends spend a day together doing whatever they feel like. Of course good eats and meeting up with the guys for dinner and dessert will add to your week of celebrations! You are a blessing! enjoy your day. With love Kathy

  22. Lovella, God bless you this day and in the future. I don't comment often but I do read your blog and you have blest me in many ways.

    Thank you for your Godly example.

    Kathy b

  23. Happy Happy Birthday Lovella!!!! Your mom is right - as moms usually are - what a sweet smile! Hope you have a fabulous birthday week - and I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.

  24. Dear Lovella! I trust that your birthday week will be full of surprises, special moments and the joy of feeling the love that you inspire from your family and friends. Happy 50th Birthday!!

  25. Happy Birthday Lovella. God's continued blessings on you and your family!

  26. Just had to pop in here and say Happy Birthday Lovella..
    Shared 'your brunch' with others but I thought of you and wished we could have been sharing this together with the 'MGCC girls' as we munched away..hubby knew he was getting this treat because I was celebrating 'you'.
    Enjoy your Jubilee year!!

  27. Purring and sending GOLDEN hair mail your way. It has been very interesting knowing a dog lover that I actually like.
    (maybe you should think about getting a cat now that you are fifty. To keep the old knees warm and all. Just a thought.)

  28. These are "the best years of life" my mother-in-law described the fifties and sixties. Wishing you a continued happy birthday as you celebrate your jubilee year! Thanks for showing us how to age joyfully!

  29. Happy 50th Lovella!
    May you have a wonderful day - thanks for being a great sister and friend.
    Love always,

  30. Happy Birthday Lovella! I hope that you have a wonderful day and week. :)

  31. Happy Birthday Lovella! I love it that you are celebrating your year of Jubilee - I wish you a wonderful day - and year ahead - with lots of love, Flo (p.s. you look fabulous at fifty!)

  32. You're beautiful at fifty! And what a neat idea to do a self-portrait each birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! I'm not too far behind you and I want to approach it with the grace you've shown!

  33. Happy Birthday Lovella! You are beautiful at any age!

    Your blogs (this one and MGCC) have been a real blessing to me and so many others.

    I hope that you have a wonderful, blessed day!

  34. I'm a faithful reader of Vee's blog and I caught her note about your "50th" birthday...

    So I just wanted to wish you a very "Happy Birthday" Lovella! I've seen you at many other blogs I visit too.

    I'm right behind you, in April the big "50".....geez where has the time gone?

    Enjoy your day---

  35. Bonne anniversaire dear Lovella. I wouldnt mind being 50 again!

  36. Happy Birthday Lovella. You're a wonderful girl and deserve all the lovely comments. I love reading your blog and enjoy the fabulous pictures you take. Also your positive outlook on life. Thanks for including me in your life and endeavours.
    Have a wonderful year!

  37. Happy birthday dear sweet friend. Honestly, you look no where near your must be either the water, your Mennonite cooking, the love of your life or perhaps your thankful wise heart that makes you appear so youthful to all of us.

    God bless you with many, many more.

    I love you!
    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  38. Happy Birthday! What wonderful friends you have. God bless your jubilee year.

  39. Another Happy Happy Birthday from Jill's Mom! Take it from an 82 year old that each year is a precious gift from God and one to be cherished for His faithfulness in happiness and sorrow. I know your long distance friendship with Jill has been a blessing to you both and I hope you can visit her in SLC when she is finally
    settled. Love, June D.

  40. Did you know, dear Lovella, that 50 is the new 40???
    Thant makes me about 45, give or take!!!

  41. Happy Birthday, Lovella! You are fabulous at any age, clearly (not just 50). You're pictures are very cute. Enjoy this year of jubilee!

  42. Hi once, again...
    Your day is not over yet...
    Do you have enough goodie bags for all your friends?
    I'm sure by now you are running short.
    You can count on us anytime to help fill them up and share them with all your wonderful friends.

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. Oh Lovella, how lovely you are at 50! We should all smile so beautifully, because you are right - smiling does tighten up that pesky jawline at our age. And besides, life offers so much to smile about and with the years comes the wisdom to smile more and more.

    As someone who will be leaving the 50's in exactly 18 months (though I'm not trying to rush it), I can say they have been very golden years in many ways.

    May your week of Jubilee be a wonderful celebration of who you are and of the many blessings the Lord has showered upon you.


  45. This is just one in the crowd of posts that wishes you a gloriously, deliriously happy birthday today! May the next 50 be even better than the last. What a gift you have been to me, I hope that your life is filled with "gifts" at every turn, and even when you might not need them! God bless you, Lovella!

  46. Oh Lovella, I am late 'signing in' here on your birthday card. Nearly 50 names for a 50th birthday...and this will go on and on I am sure. What a tremendous blessing....even just reading your greetings...for one can see your influences on these readers. God Bless you Lovella...I know you have been a special 'turning' point for me and just when I needed it were there to provide encouragement and a living example. Happy B day alllll day! And week too. Don't forget to fill me in on all the 'tricks' of turning 50 in good grace...I am on my way there too! You make it seem so "easy peasy"...isn't that what you say?

  47. Hello Lovella. I follow your blog regularly and I think you do an awesome job. Even though I rarely comment I like coming here. I wanted to wish you the best birthday ever! I´m only a couple of years behind...
    May God bless you and give you many more years to enjoy!

  48. Happy 50th Birthday, Lovella!
    Although we have never met in person, I feel as if I know you, at least a little bit. :-)
    I was told about your blog by a friend of yours and have been following you ever since. Not to mention the MGCC blog which I absolutely love and check out, DAILY!
    I wish you God's richest blessings for this your special year and may He grant you many more years of health and happiness!
    Keep up your blogging!
    It is inspirational!

  49. Happy 50th Birthday Lovella!
    May God continue to bless you over and over!


  50. Happy Birthday Lovella,
    That is such a great photo of you, looks more like a forty birthday!!! Hope you have the best day ever.

  51. Happy Birthday Lovella,
    That is such a great photo of you, looks more like a forty birthday!!! Hope you have the best day ever.

  52. Happy Birthday Lovella -
    I came across your blog via the Mennonite Women Can Cook blog and I have had so much enjoyment reading your blog and your recipes. It is all fabulous. Thanks for being a blessing and I'll be a faithful reader of your blog. I hope you have a great birthday and am amazing year - this year of Jubilee!

    Nancy Friesen

  53. Happy Birthday, Lovella! I seem to have gotten here to the party really late. But my felicitations are nontheless enthusiastic and heartfelt! May God richly bless you this week, this month and this year! Willow

  54. Hi Lovella,
    I came from Kathie's Islandsparrow blog to wish you a Happy Birthday.Beautiful photo of you-50 does look great on you!
    Take care,

  55. Happy birthday Lovella! I found your blog through Vee. I hope you have a birthday full of joy :>)

  56. Happy Birthday Jubilee! I'm on the other side of fifty and except for the physical changes, I LOVE it! You look great!

  57. Now aren't you glad you've got those reading glasses so you didn't get eye strain reading all these swell notes?

  58. Happy Birthday Lovella, wishing you a year ahead of love, laughter and happiness. Blessings, Heather

  59. Happy Birthday Lovella! I hope your day is as special as you are!!! (PS. Looks like you're quite loved!!!)

  60. Happy Birthday Lovella ~ you are a very Special lady ~ Someone who has shown us all what's important in life...Family, Faith, Friends, Food! (sorry couldn't resist the last one!)

  61. Happy birthday; birthweek; birthmonth; birthyear!
    And know that you are loved, admired & respected!!!

  62. holy smokes! maybe 50 is a SUPER big deal :)
    wishing a wonderful mom a super special and memorable year!

  63. A very blessed birthday! It seems you have already been blessed in many ways so there is much rejoicing! Thank you for the love, faith and advice you share by your life and testimony!

  64. Blessings to you on your 50th year of Jubilee.

    You look amazing!

    Looking forward to hearing about your week, and how you celebrated. My sister is turning 50, and I need some ideas :)

  65. I wanted to be the last one to wish you a Happy Birthday on your big 50 blog post so I waited till just before I went to bed. Looks like I'm number 65! WOW! That's alot of bloggy friends! You must feel special! You are! Shaye really looks alot like you in that first picture. How neat it is to see the family feature similarities 48 years later still going strong. Hope you had a wonderful day! Love ya!

  66. Dear Lovella. I've said it once and I'll say it again. You don't look a day over 35. But, what I REALLY like most about you, is you seem through your blog a kindred spirit'(I've read that in some old literature and liked this expression) and young at heart, optimistic person.

    From your blog, one would think you have a perfect life, but, it's very obvious that you are VERY grateful for your blessings.

    Please don't change, people like you are very rare in these times.

    Kindest regards and thanks for the happy visits I have in your blog, I also found you via, Mennonite Girls Can Cook! One of my favorite sites now for recipes!


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