buy lard

It was the most gorgeous day here in Coastal British Columbia.

The grandgirlie and I played ball. . .

chased ball. .

carried ball ..

bit ball. . .

and wore jellies. .

I had looked at rubber boots but purchased jellies instead. .

and was glad.

The plants all felt the warmth as well.

The lily of the valley bush. . has the most optimism and confidence for Warren's earlier prediction that winter is over.. .

The daff's poked out to have a look. .

I made a note to buy lard when I saw that the rhubarb has a few thick stalks all curled in a ball.

The lilac . . .though still many weeks away from blooming. . .

holds a bit of promise. . .

I love a promise now and then. . .

All for now. . with love,


  1. Ahhh, the differences in our worlds!

    Buy lard? Rhubarb somethings...
    (I'd just like to have a decent French fry.)

    Yay for having fun with the grandgirlie!

  2. Even though we really never have a winter here, it's nice to see the signs of spring anyway. I was surprised to see the azaleas in full bloom when I opened the windows a couple of days ago.

  3. Lovella, I don't get it! You live in Canada. I don't. Why do you get spring signs so much earlier than me???

  4. When I saw your post title...I was thinking maybe lard was now going to be good for us (like a new miracle food discovery)...but now I know. I love seasons...we are always waiting for the next one...although I could eat rhubarb pie in any season!

  5. I think you're a little ahead of us this year. When it's fully light I'll check the lilac, but I'm pretty sure it's still wintery looking - and no daffs poking through yet!
    I keep rhubarb in the freezer all winter long to stew or put in a pie - and always use lard. I don't understand the liking for shortening in pie crust.

  6. Some beautiful thoughts of spring. It's closer than we think, except for the gorgeous sum rise this morning....
    I think I will dig myself out and enjoy working and cleaning up those gardens. Let's see what I can find.

  7. Note to self...Buy a lilac to put in your yard when you get to move back to Washington :0)
    How fun that the jellies worked!

  8. Ohhh ! the promises of spring! my favorite time of year!
    I've been watching too!
    I love how many different ball games you came up with to play with your little granddaughter! smile!
    I, like Judy, saw your title and expected the latest 'health' proclamation that lard was now good for us... Well, I happen to know and believe that rhubarb pie is EXTREMELY good for me... my taste buds tell me so !!

  9. Why have I had to be sick for the past three weeks!!! I have missed all these nice days. Since it is our actual day off and our lists have grown long with 'to-dos' since we have been sick we are venturing out this AM. We won't breath on anyone if we can help it. Our pdeal bikes are going in for a tune up and then we go to the doctor for a tune up later in the day. Food still does not seem to taste good but we are going out for breakfast anyhow...but no lard! Jellies! I can't find mine from last year. Rhubarb...can't wait. Kathy

  10. The naughty k thinks - shoot, why does Lovella get to enjoy spring and I'm still under 3 feet of snow.
    the good k thinks - oh boy I get to enjoy spring twice.


  11. Rhubarb? You are seeing rhubarb starting to peek out? No fair..already I am drooling and I have at least another 2 months to wait. Sigh..
    I agree with Julie..I too believe rhubarb pie is good for me. grin
    Aww Lovella you had a happy day with g'girlie, how fun is that!
    The sun is shining so all is good..

  12. i agree with fair.
    i think she is a little optimistic seeing rhubarb in two months....i think it is more like 4, in my yard any way.
    have a wonderful day.

  13. Wish we had some spring signs here. Oh well. Very exciting news though: we had our first birds on the birdfeeder yesterday. We've been waiting patiently since Christmas. Yesterday a beautiful Indigo Bunting arrived and within a minute 5 other birds came too -- sparrows and finches! I think our feeder has been found! Yay!

  14. I thoroughly enjoy visiting your blog. Signs of Spring excite me. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photography.

  15. Super pics Lovella. I am glad the weather is to hold out a bit longer so I can stop being busy at work...and walk the dyke this weekend. Yee Haw...for West Coast weather!!!!!

  16. Your blog is good for the soul.
    I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. It is still cold here but my crocus are pushing up tiny spikes.
    Lard...makes me think of my Mom's pie crust. Still the best.
    I'm a Grammie and isn't it FUN.
    Thanks for your dear posts.

  17. Incredible photos! Ahhh, the signs of spring!

  18. I can't wait to get into the garden! Spring can't get here soon enough!


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