"buck . . buck"

Sometimes it is the tiny details that are the most endearing.

Things that go "buck buck"

. . .wind chimes with chickens chiming against little metal rods. . .

eagles. . . that soar above us. . . and dance in the sky. . . grasping at one anothers claws. . .

and diving together. . .

. . .the obvious. . .chickens in the barn

.. . .crows. . .lined up on telephone wires dodging cars risking their necks for a bit of road kill . . .

. .. .a dried leaf on the grass. . .

looking as if it is about to take flight. . .

. ..and yesterday. . .

We couldn't see the "buck. . buck". . .but the lil' farm hand was insistent .. . pointing to the ceiling . ..a pesky house fly had found its way into the bungalow.

Little details . . a moment to listen . . .and a lifetime to remember.

All for now. . .with love,


  1. It's amazing that as we get older, we tend to overlook the small details. What else are we missing out on?

  2. Graands have a sense of wonder that is rich and full. Thankfully, they share it with us!

  3. Graands? Okay, that works...

  4. Gorgeous eagle shots and how sweet to see the world and the buck buck through the eyes of the little one...

  5. Great memories to add to your memory bank, Lovella.
    Great pics..

  6. Beautiful shots...but how did you miss the one of the "buck buck"?

    Slowing down in your later years, entering into your dotage? Gosh I hope not...

  7. Isn't it wonderful?......the way that our grandchildren help us to see the everyday, the minutia, so clearly. I love to read about others' enjoyment of these precious moments - thanks Lovella!

  8. So--everything that flies or has wings is in the genus classified as 'buck buck'. Glad I know now. I'll pass on the information to The New Boy.

  9. Very cool...was waiting to see what 'buck buck' turned out to be! Cute!

  10. Your post was relaxing and a good reminder to just take time...time to see things around us, especially through our grandchildren's eyes. I loved the "buck...buck".By the way, you do not look like you turned "50".

  11. 'Buck, buck'...now that brings back memories. Too cute! And I'm glad you posted the pic's of the gorgeous eagles...rather than the 'buck, buck'. So majestic!

  12. Oh, don't we all remember that word...
    The joy to share all the perfect details with all of us.

  13. Cute! My practise grandboy calls every animal that moves "ki ki" - (kitty)

  14. Sounds like you and I both had our little grandsons over yesterday. Mine was amused by all the birds in our yard and the field behind us and I was hearing "caw caw...bird....caw caw bird". They are smart little fellows aren't they. No eagles in our sight, but we have a woodpecker hanging around these days. Kathy

  15. awww... what we forget to enjoy or appreciate the little ones remind us and let us see again through their eyes !! What a blessing they are !!!

    Gorgeous photos !


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