why these things make me tick

No doubt, by now you have realized that I've been fiddling around with my blog again.

Oh the fun a girl can have making collages and then cropping them and putting text on them. . .and then reshuffling the pictures .. .and putting different text on them.

Though it is a tad early to decorate for Valentines season. . .and certainly far too early for Spring decor, I reasoned that I would rather look forward than backward. . . and I refuse to become stuck in a rut. It has been a bit tempting to pull up a new template from the many free templates that are offered out there. . .but I enjoy picking colors and taking pictures and making it authentically my own.

I reason that redecorating my blog is far less expensive than redecorating my house. . and perhaps that is why my beloved continues to encourage me in this endeavor. Without his continual interest and genuine pleasure in seeing my enjoyment of this hobby. . .it would have little appeal. I need not many words of affirmation. . .but I do need his.

My friend Marg gifted me with a book called What is a Family? by Edith Schaeffer. Edith Schaffer wrote the book for her husband Francis Schaffer and gave it to him on their 40th Wedding Anniversary in 1975.

Edith says "Creativity needs an audience, some appreciation, the response of another human being, as well as the freedom to be accomplished and some raw materials to work with." I have only begun to read this book, but I have a feeling that she will speak many truths into my life that perhaps I need to hear.

When I read that . . . .I thought. . .Yes, that is why I choose to share parts of my life with you. I could record it all privately and hope that someday my family would care to read it. . .but in the meantime I would be missing the blessing of your responses to my snap happy picture taking or the things that make me smirk. . .or just the things I ponder.

It is important for all of us to understand what makes us tick. . .how it is that we feel loved and appreciated. Though I love giving gifts to those I love, it is someone choosing to spend time with me that makes me feel loved. Words of affirmation follow closely. . . and once I understood this. . . it became clear to me that when someone that knows me cares to read my blog. . .I feel loved and affirmed. When someone in my family sends me a personal email, they will always get a response. . .because I care. Those in my family and my close friends that have blogs. . .know I read it. . .because it is such a simple way to show them that what happens in their life is important to me. A minute or two shaved off of my day. . will hardly keep me from accomplishing "great" thing in my home. . .

If this is how I feel. . .how wonderful must it be for God who created "me to be uniquely me". . .

to have me come before Him and give Him praise. . .and to tell Him again and again how much I love Him and how grateful I am that He sent His son Jesus to save the world. . .

He alone knows my heart. . .and knows why. . .these things make me tick.

All for now. . .with love,


  1. What a wonderful post! Your blog is like a gift to us - you share your love for God and your family and friends - you share your gift of photographing the beauty around you - and you share yourself.

    I love your Spring-like redecorating! Valentine's Day isn't that far off, so why shouldn't we enjoy and celebrate it now?

  2. Wonderful thoughts...I've heard so much about Edith Schaeffer, but have never read one of her books. Now I want to more once again.

    I love everything you've done here from the pink to the photos to your signature on the end. It's all very nice!

  3. want to more once again? Okay, we'll just leave that...

  4. I am thrilled to learn that women are reading Edith Schaeffer. Everything she writes will stir you. What a wonderful helpmate she was! I have found inspiration in her communication for years.
    I am new to your blog and find it refreshing. Lovely posts.

  5. I have only recently become aware of Edith Schaffer's writings, and I have been blessed by the little I've read of her. I am eager to purchase a few of her books and learn from her wisdom. Maybe you will consider sharing more of her insight and how it has spoken to you, Lovella. I DO love the way you receive and apply healthy advice.

  6. Oh I do love the fresh new look. Hey it's never too early to spread the love of Valentine's day :0)
    Thanks too for these great thoughts on affirmation and creativity. Encouragement is so important in relationship...

  7. I like the new blog look! Very spring-like, and girly too. Speaking of girly...I hear you have a little visitor this week. I'm sure you have some fun activities planned!

  8. Great post! Your summary of why you blog is very well stated. Thank you for sharing this.

  9. I've never heard of that author, so will have to pop into the book store at lunch time today. I love a good recommendation.
    Your new decoration is lovely - a like looking foward too!

  10. Great post, Lovella. At times it's good to stop and think about what makes us tick...and I so liked your quote by Edith Schaeffer. We all look for a response in whatever it is we do in life...and how wonderful to have the support of a husband...close friends...and family. I need to remind myself that ultimately it is the 'audience of One' that matters most...and it's Him I'm playing for.

    It's looking nice over here!

  11. That's a Keeper Lovella. Pink or not, it's so true, what you said, about people responding to one another.
    For me it's another encouragement to continue to do that in my own personal life....return positive responses..
    Edith Schaeffer's creativity has allowed me to have so much enjoyment with my family.

  12. When the Schaeffers took time from their days to write, I wonder if they had any sense of how far reaching their works would become, and how their words would be spread.

    I so agree with Edith's comments about creativity, especially about how it needs to be shared and affirmed. Seeing you create on so many levels is a joyeous wonder, and an outpouring of beauty to our world. Thank you dear friend for being faithful to the creative calling.

  13. Loveyour blog layout - again! You are a quick study, and probably could give workshops at the local university for their Continued Learning sector.
    I agree, creativity must be appreciated. Its interesting to note that it is one of the first things to go when a person is over-stressed.
    Enjoy the sunshine of today!

  14. Hi Lovella - I love your new blog look -very fresh and pretty. I love to change things up in my blog too. Thanks for putting into words the reasons why we blog - you have it exactly! I love the Edith Schaeffer quote. Did I ever tell you that I polished her silver? :) It was a long time ago when Roger and I were in L'Abri. She had a beautiful, cozy home. Hidden Art is my favourite of all her books.

  15. I love this post! You've expressed something very real about all of us, whether we realize/admit it or not - in such a good way. I like the reminder of how we are made in the image of God, who desires nothing more from us but to acknowledge Him and tell Him that we love Him. How much better would this world be, if we all decided to say one encouraging word to someone each day? I think we would find that in giving, we are actually receiving.
    Even if we know that someone appreciates us, we still want to "hear" it. (Not like the husband who said that he told his wife that he loved her when he got married and he'd let her know when he changes his mind.)
    Your openess, honesty, creativity and ability to make things beautiful is an inspiration to many and I hope your cup runneth over today! =) . . . that the measure you give to others it will be given back many times over.

  16. Rather than repeating what has already been so well expressed...I'll just say "amen" to the well said thoughts in your post!

    I have gotten used to your 'redecorating' (smile) - I do love your 'pink' Valentine's theme! Very pretty.

  17. You are so good with blog decoration! Maybe someday I will be inspired. :) I tend to just choose and stay. But, I am thinking about changing my mantle -- maybe for something valentine-ish, just to tide us over from Christmas to spring -- it's far too early for spring, you're right. But, I'm thinking my wintery mantle could do with a February update. We'll see. :) I need to read that book -- another friend has recommended it.

  18. I love reading your thoughts. I'm so glad that you share them with us. I love that you appreciate the little things and that small things can make you smile. One day...when I have more time...I'll get around to more photography and things like that. For now, I'll enjoy them through you.
    I love your bunnykins picture. I have saved mine for my kiddies.

  19. I first read that book as a bride and now I'm a grandmother.

    It was good then but I now comprehend so much of what she was saying.

  20. I feel like that too, Lovella. When people take the time to comment, I am affirmed in my efforts to blog and take photos.

    I don't know about this new book by Edith Schaeffer. I own and have read Hidden Art many times. Please let us know about the book.

  21. I feel inspired RIGHT this moment...I just heart u

  22. Creativity shows up in people in so many unique ways., Isn't that just how God planned it. He Has given you a beautiful way of experssing your creativity. He also made us with the need for recogonition and affirmation. Your blog has given you the freedom to express yourself, in sharing God, your family, your interests and other tidbits of interest in your life. I enjoy the moments I stop here. I have seen your interest in this hobby turn into something greater than a hobby for you. It is a ministry for you. This is where God has placed you and given you a heart for. In that He is also allowing you to receive the affirmation you need from home and your readers. The pink and pretties for this upcoming season are just that....so pretty. May God bless you as you continue to do what you know He has called you to do. Love Kathy


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