the shape fit show

Since I'm having plenty of Grammie time this week. . .

(let's review. . .one child at a time is grammie time. .two children at a time is cousin camp)

and since I wanted to document for the lil' farm hand his patience level at 13 1/2 months. . .

You get two grammie posts instead of one. . .per week as I try to keep to.

Let's review. . .he can squat like his Daddy and his Grampie. . .

He calls .. .Daaaaaaaaaad to either. . .and runs to the gate which keeps him from the water park. . to see if Daaaaaaaad is coming in.

And now. . . bless his little heart. . .he has not my propensity to easily give up .. .

when at first I do not succeed.

Our grandgirlie is on her way. . .for grammie days . .

All for now. . .with love,


  1. How sweet!

    My little grandson isn't here yet, and I'm already feeling a bit envious of all the grammie time you're getting. He'll be living nearly 900 miles away, and I won't get to enjoy him as often as you do yours.

    Have fun with cousin camp!

  2. *Smack* That's the sound of me hitting myself in the head because, of course, I did know that two grands was cousin camp. Gheesh. It's amazing the concentration. A darling grand and a cute toy, too.

    Have a fun day with the grand-girlie!

  3. Your grands are so cute! Glad you get lots of grammie time.



  4. I love this kind of documentation! How sweet it is...

  5. Ohh..adorable ! Amazing how everything important is soo easily reduced to what concerns

    Enjoy your day!

  6. That wonderful all-consuming focus. I could watch ours for hours.
    I've just arranged for a sleepover for Valentine's Day - can't wait!

  7. Patience is not to be taken for granted in wee ones, Lovella...good for the li'l farm hand.

    I'm thinking you are likely sleeping well at nights...with running the day camps and all! What fun.

  8. So cute, Lovella! I know that The New Boy and the lil farmhand would have lots in common, they should have a play date!

  9. Love the squatting! I like your cute little shape fitter truck! I will have to look for one like that.

  10. Aww such a cute squatter! Enjoy these precious times!

  11. He's a smart little fellow - and cute to boot!


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