The eagles are sitting high in the trees in our back yard once again.

Waiting for mice perhaps. . . or. . . .

we keep a close eye on our 4 pound grandpup Tobee when he is over .. .

I would not enjoy explaining why and how he was carried off to the heavens . .

I've captured them flying by with pretty big loads in their claws. .

not something most of my audience would appreciate.

So .. . I'll just leave you with the more serene photos. ..imagine nature music. . .if you will.

All for now. . .with love,


  1. That's a great photo of the eagle in motion. Thanks for sparing us the other shots! ;)

    Gotta keep a close eye on Tobee... he's just so little and so cute!

  2. the eagle is a gets a chance at 30 more years of life when its time to it and find out how.

    Must be why God said He will restore our youth like that of the eagle.

    What an awesome God

  3. Not hard to imagine nature music with those grand eagles sailing by. Thank you for not showing us one of the more graphic photos. Yes, I can see that it would be a challenge to explain what had happened to the grandpup. Ha!

  4. As a friend of mine would say, the eagles are very "august" birds (i.e. full of majesty and authority). I did see an owl the other day and thought that was fun. What a privilege to have eagles in your own backyard though!

  5. How wonderful to be able to look out your window and take such beautiful pictures,I too am married to a wonderful man who loves to farm. Enjoy your day

  6. When we had our Golden taking doggy obedience classes, the teacher was emphatic in her warnings of just what those birds, and other hawks, could and would carry off. A puppy, kitty,or a full grown 7# dog would be a piece of cake for them. Yum.
    I always was keepin' an eye on the chooks when they were free ranging. Course the rooster was always on the lookout for trouble too.
    Aah...the circle of life.

  7. We have the eagles here too for the winter. They are so beautiful but I wish they had a more vegetarian palette! (smile)
    You got some great shots!

    I said to Vic on Sunday that I would love to be an eagle, just for a day, so I could soar in the heavens!!

  8. Fabulous pictures. What a great reminder of how perfectly all of nature is coordinated.

  9. How amazing is that!? Love these photos Lovella! Must be a great sight in person...

  10. Great shots! The grands have a deep respect for the eagles that keep watch over the farmyard...and are most suspicious whenever another barncat goes missing.

    They are a magnificent neat to have them in our back yard.

  11. In your back yard! That is so awesome. I had to go to Alaska to see the eagles!

    Kathy b

    I thought I happened on the wrong blog at first. Nice new look.

  12. Wow! Beautiful shot! I have to keep a lookout for the eagle that comes to the park where I walk.

  13. That's a great shot...Lovella.
    We had one perched on our shop roof last week, waiting for a later post.
    It was truly amazing...

  14. What a fabulous shot!

    I had 3 eagles circling over our house a few weeks ago - they were making a chortling sort of sound - I never heard it before.

    I was keeping a close eye on Lily and Little Jack.

  15. Yes that little pup would make a perfect size appie for that eagle. Glad you take good care of hte little pup when you look after him....I know he is well loved. What a great photo! I could almost hear the nature music. Kathy

  16. NIce photography Lovella! Lori T

  17. Lovella, great shots! I love to watch eagles, what majestic birds!

  18. I love watching birds in flight! Ellen will tell you though that I seldom get a photo. For some reason birds know when I take out my camera and they leave immediately.

    What about owls? My sil and bro have lost two cats to owls.

  19. Great shots there Lovella. I love those to walk the Pitt with the binoculars! Happy Middle of the Week! Hope you aren't shovelling out from under too much snow! Egads...when will this end?!

  20. Love those pictures, Lovella! And I love your blog so much I've given you and it an award. Please drop by my place to get it. Cheers!


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