oddly ambitious

The oddest thing has happened. I have a sudden spurt of energy.
Perhaps the promises we hear of energy from daily walking has finally sunk in. . . or perhaps my creative juices have taken a side street. . .or perhaps the constant drizzle outdoors have altered my brain waves.
Writing this yesterday. . .I couldn't find enough moments in the day to accomplish all that I felt inclined to begin.
1. Dinner to start for cousin camp. . . .(parents love to smell dinner when they walk in the door)
2. Fabric to purchase for the aprons I suddenly feel compelled to sew.
3. A sewing room that needs a quick tidy before new projects are started.
4. Emails to return from dear friends who have sent such fun chats my way.
5. Blog posts to think on. . .and schedule for days that I have "wee" precious time.
6. Lunch to begin .. . and coffee to make. . .(is it 2 pm already?)
7. Pictures to download for the cooking blog.
I know that many of you run circles around me in all that you do in a day .. .
but isn't it nice to once in awhile. . .feel ambitious to even get started?
I'm off to make a pot of coffee and pause to chat with my farmer. . .and then,
I'll cut that first apron out. . .before dinner is begun.
All for now. . .with love,


  1. I wish I had the energy for all that I want to accomplish! I'll be doing good if I get grandbaby "Ace's" project completed before he arrives.

    I'm looking forward to seeing those new aprons.

  2. Yes ! I agree. Nothing better than the combination of a list of wanna-does with the energy to do them!

    Your post made me smile! Have a wonderful day!

  3. energy and accomplishment is a great feeling! Go get em Lovella!
    The apron patterns look fun!

  4. Lovella..wow that's some energy! Hopefully that will encourage energy here!!
    We will see the finished aprons, right?

  5. Those aprons are adorable! Hope that we'll get to see the final product.

    Yes, it's wonderful to feel ambitious. I don't, but I still must be off to take my mom shopping. Oh well, perhaps a swing through Tim's.

    Do you do Cousin Camp daily?

  6. Vee, if you are checking back. . .cousin camp is most often just Tuesdays with just one wee one on Wednesdays. Both grammie days.. . but one cousin camp.

    And yes. ..to those that asked. . .if the aprons are presentable. . you will see the finished ones. . .would I give up a blogging opportunity?

  7. What beautiful fabric and such fun aprons!!! i can't wait to see the finished product. My sister made us aprons for Christmas out of fun skirts. i think aprons are the "new thing." Have fun sewing!

  8. Oh! that's too funny. I got fabric and an apron pattern as a christmas present! It will be my next project after I get my queen sized quilt done (which may take awhile!) The quilt I'm making has your top left fabrics from the "cotton blossoms" line... so needless to say I LOVE your choices!

  9. If you can figure out a way to bottle that "creative energy" juice, send a bottle my way!

    Perhaps the Lil Miss and her Mommy will have matching aprons?

  10. I love the sense of accomplishment I get when I have 'to-dos' and actually get them done with energy to spare!

  11. It's always more fun to start some new projects before finishing the old. Talk about aprons...I need to put one on, so that I can make my Sticky Bun recipe. I have not noticed it on the MGCC blog yet.
    Looks like you are turning circles on me today.

  12. Great apron pattern...and fabrics! Here's the funny thing...I am in apron making mode as well. I had planned to make aprons for Christmas gifts...and it never happened...so Janury seems like a good time.

    Hope you are having a grand time at cousin camp today!

  13. Oh Lovella, you do have a lot of energy! It's good to know that you're till doing something for yourself, while you're entertaining all your fans and readers! =) It looks like you're going to have some cute aprons!

  14. I also know of someone who made aprons for the entire family for Christmas - men and women and wee ones. It must be the "latest" thing, as others have mentioned! As even sewing on a button can be a challenge for me, I admire anyone with that creative talent.

    Hope you're having a great day with the wee ones today - and I look forward to seeing the completed apron project.

    Lori T

  15. Oh I am tired just looking at your potential list...hmmm....those aprons look mighty fine! I'd go with the aprons...except for my lack of ability to sew...can you glue them together?

  16. I think all my ambition went north to your house. I've not a peck of it anywhere in my house. Please return your leftovers when you are finished with them. Thank you.

  17. well - I did manage to practise both harp and violin the other evening? Does that sound ambitious?

    As for sewing - I have a project - sitting here beside me. My little hearts - all ready to go. I think I'm afraid to start. I'm sewing challenged.

    But . . .I sense a tiny spark of inspiration - just maybe I'll look up that youtube video of the blanket stitch and see if I can figure it out.

  18. That's too funny! I have been tidying up the kitchen, planning supper days in advance, and working on a fabric purse I had cut out months ago. (and I don't really sew...just a smidge!)
    I think it's the cold weather....I don't want to do anything except hunker down.

  19. I'll take a little of that energy, thank you!
    The aprons will be great - I found a wonderful old apron wrapped around some dishes sent to me by an aging relative who was breaking up housekeeping. I treasure the apron more than the dishes, as it is truly old-fashioned and covers me from neck to knee. One day I'll take it apart to make a pattern for more.

  20. Funniest thing...my d-i-l and I both planned to make aprons for the wee little girls this Christmas...but when I saw her fabric, I gave her the privilege - they're adorable.
    Love the fabric you chose too!

  21. Ooohhh! Love the fabrics! Had to comment. They will make very nice aprons. Natalie has some of them in the quilt she's making for their bed. Glad to hear Lil Farmhand was Ok! He know's there's no time to waste! Grandpa has work that needs to be done and he won't be one to dissapoint! Have a great day!


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