no fresh air

I decided early on that we would have a schedule here at cousin camp.

In that schedule would be fresh air. . .each day .. .wonderful country air.

I'm documenting that it hasn't happened the last few days .. .

we've been cooped up. . .

We've had about 100 mm of rain so far. . .

Grandpa came in to tell us we were going for soup for lunch. . .
woo hoo. . .
get out the gum boots .. . we're going to town.
All for now. . . with love,


  1. Yay for hot soup on a rainy day! Have been reading about all the rotten weather that way...praying that the sun comes out very soon and dries up all that wet. Hope that the cousins are having a grand old time.

  2. "The best laid schemes" can be thwarted by rain !! smile
    We have had a lot...its certainly washing the snow away!

    I cannot think about you with your two little ones without a big smile on my face!

  3. Soup is perfect for a rainy day!

    It's so difficult being cooped up inside like this with little ones. My brother in Bellingham said he thinks they're drowning there!

    We finally have sunshine today after two days of clouds and scattered rain. Yippee!

  4. oh, but you've got a lot of bonding time!!!

    I can almost smell the soup

  5. I love how you describe being cooped up. Having soup sounds like a fun thing to do.
    We have a lake around our place.
    Did we talk about ice-skating?
    Maybe I need to revisit the canoe once more....

  6. Hmmm - I'm going to try again to make a comment. The last one brought me a message about a duplication error. Among other things I said that I love fresh air, but am not so fond of wet fresh air....but it's better than snow! I love the idea of the littles in rubber boots heading for town - and that it was Grandpa's idea.

  7. Yikes my kids have told me about all the rain. Our young friend who flies King 5 helicopters was out for 5 hours of flood coverage. Some other friends are bringing up stuff from a basement that's flooding. Freeways closed between Chehalis and Olympia. What a mess. I bet that soup tasted really good!! Nothing like soup and bread on days like these!!

  8. Rainy day cousin camp sounds quite OK...what with 'soup field trips' to break up the day.

    Let's hope for a little 'fresh air time' today.

  9. Oh my Lovella..cousin camp with cabin fever is not good..that outing for soup was just the right thing!
    No rain and no melting snow here..just bright sunshine!
    I'm off to do some cleaning..

  10. Oh that sounds like a load of fun! Anything to find a 'rainbow' at the end of the rain....sigh

  11. We had rain last night but it didn't make much of a dent in our snow. Sunshine this morning, flurries this afternoon and tonight we're having temperatures of -10. It's hard to know whether to pull our the gum boots or the muck locks.

    The crockpot sounds good. I'll have to pull mine out.

  12. Hot soup on a cold rainy day is perfect! Buckle up those car seats and go get that soup!


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