In like a lamb

On New Years day. ..we went to bed in the wee hours of the morning. ..after waving goodbye to our friends. ..and then .. at seven on the dot . is my custom . ..I woke up . . .(crazy inner clock). ..and moseyed to the kitchen to look out the window .. and this was my first sight.

I smiled at the soft white garland on my Alberta Spruce tree .. .and went back to the bedroom .. .and stood beside the bed. . .and whispered. . . are you awake yet?

To celebrate the new year we splurged on Whole Wheat Toast and cheddar cheese .. .with a dessert of half a slice of whole wheat toast with peanut butter and strawberry preserves .. .

Every now and then a girl just has to throw caution to the wind and set aside those high fibre cereals .. .don't you think?

My plan had been to begin to dismantle the tree while my beloved did chores in the morning .. .but . . .in good conscience . .. I simply could not remove ornaments when the tree is so lovely and the background so perfect. . . so we bargained that tree and I ... I'll admire it for the weekend .. . and it will hold tight to it's needles ..

I rang my beloved up in the barn . ..and asked if he could spare a flat of eggs. . . for the Portzelky. He brought them in at lunch time and I mixed up a massive batch for the late afternoon festivities.

At precisely 4:30 in the afternoon we packed up the Portzelky and went to our annual family gathering on my side of the familia . ..oh bliss.
Oh the delights of children. ..
Ten of my parents great grands couldn't make it for the photo op . .
but those that did . ..had a ball. . . .( I had pictures that had no tears. ..but this one was funnier. ..some of them decided that they had enough)
Oh .. .and see the two new ones this year?
They sniffed at the Portzelky this year .. .but next year .. they'll be strapped in a high chair and munching them with the rest of us .. .
And . .that was my first day . .of 2009.
All for now .. .with love,


  1. Sounds wonderful and I do like your "funnier" picture. What a legacy was started by your parents, though my grandmother often says it all began long before her. ;>

    As for the tree bargain, well, you struck a good deal. These quiet days after the holidays are the ones that can be best enjoyed by the tree or so I've always discovered.

  2. What a wonderful way to start your New Year!

    I pray that the Lord will bless you this year, my blogging friend ... and that you will hold ever so close to Him, because HE is the source of our safety, our provisions, and our salvation! May your course for 2009 lead you ever closer to HIM and His kingdom.

  3. Oh my look at that fresh snow and all those little ones all in a row! :0)
    How sweet it is...
    Have a great weekend Lovella!

  4. The fluffy snow was just picture-perfect yesterday morning. And it sounds like you had a picture-perfect New Year's Day as well...with all the family and those precious little ones....eating portzelky!

    Enjoy your tree for a few more days! Mine is planning to spend the weekend with us before being dismantled as well.

  5. I'm of the same opinion re the Christmas tree - ours will come down after the weekend. It's lovely!

    Love the picture of the great-grands - reminds me of many a family photo op!

  6. Are you tempted to leave those lights up on the tree outside until all chance of snowfall is over? It is just so perfect with the snow halo around the colored lights.

    Glad the tree stays up...let's see, it is day 9 of Christmas Monday will be the end of the season proper. Good call waiting a bit longer.

    Did I count eleven great grands in that picture? 21 gg kids for your parents? Wow...a real camp ground might have been necessary if your mom wanted to do Cousin Camp herself! Sounds like fun to me!

  7. Love those pics Lovella! I had 2 trees in the 'living area' and one in the family is down and the other..well I have been enjoying it too much but after this weekend it will come down.
    Portzelky..oh so good but am glad it's only once a year, if anything can blow a diet..these will do it!!

  8. What a fun way to start the New Year--all those babies!

  9. I just can't get myself to clean up the trees yet either! When the outside is so beautifully decorated, the inside has to match.

  10. Although Christmas is cleaned up inside our house, I agree - it's hard for me to turn off the lights outside when it's still so beautiful with all the snow!

    Enjoy the last few remaining days of "Christmas"!

    Lori T

  11. Sounds absolutely wonderful Lovella. And I never dismantle my tree (as it comes apart NOT by needles but by branches :P....until at least February....grin. There is simply no reason to. Besides...Radar has found a new hideout to lie under :{

  12. Perfect...
    ...outdoor tree decor
    ...view through the windows
    ...background for the indoor tree
    ...reason for letting the indoor tree stay up a bit longer
    ...choice of photo of the ggrands

    Lovella, may this new year bring many joys and laughs and hugs and smiles and perfect moments to you and your family!

  13. That tree, garlanded with snow is a prettier picture than any Christmas card.
    What a lovely day you must have had with all those little cousins - so great that they will grow up knowing one another!

  14. What a beautiful scene to awaken to! I would like some of that beautiful white down here -- just for that warm and cozy, all-clean feeling. :)

    Happy New Year!

  15. Ohhh . .If only your parents could have been there!! How they would have loved all 'their babies' !!
    But I'm sure they were given at least a 'peak' down to see what was going on!
    I love your pic...looks like 'piles' of babies... three deep in places! smile....
    Family ties ...and traditions ... priceless and so heart warming!

    oh.. and the tree? Ours never comes down until after the Ukrainian Christmas on Jan. 7, in honor of Vic's Mom! and our heritage!

  16. Looks Lovely Lovella! You have captured the essence of family fun! I especially like the little gaffer who chose to reveal his bottom side up rather than his smiley side. A curious George type, perhaps? He is a keeper!
    Oh the snow! who could have guessed we would ever see such a wonder as snow on New Years Day? People are now really going to think of us as Nanuks of the North - but it is beautiful. Have a wonderful first week of 2009.

  17. Mmmm, whole wheat toast and cheddar cheese...I have that for breakfast sometimes too!

    It's wonderful to see the newest generation all lined up on the sofa...quite a collection of little souls there.

    Happy New Year, Lovella.

  18. I love the escapee grandkid picture. They are the funniest. Happy New Year.


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