doing chores. . .or something

Click on the arrow to start the clip. . .
Early on Christmas morning. . .we saw that the road was again hard packed snow.
This as you know. . .was exactly what I had hoped for.
I opened up the blinds completely so that I could have a perfect view while cooking.
After a cup of coffee
I said. . . "well, I guess I should start to get the Turkey ready for the oven"
He said. . . "and I better go start the chores"
I said. . . "see you at lunch"
He said. . "I might be a bit late. . . .I'll plow the driveway open after chores"
Around noontime. . . I'm busy in my kitchen .. . and I hear him .. .but it isn't the tractor I'm hearing.
The part that made me smile. . .
was his head turning to make sure I was watching. . .
Married nearly 31 years. . . and he's still looking to see if I'm watching. . .
I'm happy about that. . .
It's cousin camp .. . gotta run.
All for now. . .with love,


  1. Someone was having too much fun...

    Happy Cousin Camp!

  2. They never grow up, do they? Those little boys who used to call out, "Watch me, Mom!" still want to be watched!

  3. Too cute! I noticed the head turning and then laughed when you mentionned it. Indeed, after 30+ years it is very sweet!
    Have fun with cousin camp.

  4. hee, hee! Glad you were watching

  5. I am chuckling..yep some things don't change from boyhood to manhood! Good fun!!

  6. Oh yes - I have 5 of them - they LOVE an audience :)

  7. Still a boy at heart!

    Next time he'll yell, "Look, Lovella! No hands!"

  8. And he's still watching...
    Yup I like that, we sort of have that connection and it's fun.
    It keeps life interesting.

  9. Or something! And should there be an injury on the's all covered by WBC, right? I'm just wondering about the it CSA approved?

    A boy's just gotta have fun! Glad you were watching.

  10. Very sweet indeed! I love how you take note of those kind of things! Have a great day!

  11. Ahhh...glad to see you're (or someone is) enjoying all that white stuff. Glad you were watching!

  12. Ohh, Lovella .. Everything else is life is trivial if he still looks to see if you are watching him show off ! SMILE

    Enjoy cousin camp !!

  13. terry just cracks me up....he is just a big kid at heart, i just love it!

  14. Hehe, are you sure that little video wasn't taken at my house? Isn't that one of 'my guys'? Hmmmm, twins, triplets, or something!

    :) LaTeaDah

  15. So much fun - Right on Terry - Lovella next time hop on the back seat and go for it. PS nice photos of the grands !! They really enjoyed the visit & goodies.

  16. Having snow is such a great excuse to play! I just watched the video about 20 times with Ethan - he loved it... just kept saying "..gain". Very fun.


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