Apron # 1 and the sky shots

Normally when I sew. . .I love uninterrupted hours to sew and have standing breaks to press open seams and press. . to make it look better. However, with the technology that we enjoy today. . .my beloved has taken it as his personal responsibility to call me from the shop when he sees photo ops for my enjoyment.

On Friday, I had stopped sewing many times for different reasons and when I got the call to come outside with my camera... . I nearly didn't. He said. . ."you'll be sorry" . . . changed my mind. Why is it that we feel so compelled to finish tasks when God gives us opportunity to to rest. Not all rests need to be lengthy. . .some are just breaks. . .quick little gifts from above.

The apron still was completed . . . the rest was enjoyed. . . and the moment taken. This week seems to be full of many things to do. . .what should I attempt to accomplish. . .and what should I leave? Lord, give me wisdom to choose the things that matter most. ..and leave the rest for another time.

All for now. . .with love,


  1. Fabulous words of wisdom!
    Fabulous sky photos!
    Fabulous apron!

    I love it all! Thanks for sharing your day with us.

  2. I love your prayer at the end! I needed it last week so badly! Last week I was frozen into inactivity. I didn't want to do what I NEEDED to do, and had things I WANTED to do, but felt I shouldn't until I got the 'need to' list finished, so I didn't get much of anything done at all. This week, I'm giving myself permission to do a bit of both, and things are getting done. A little more slowly, but at least I am finding a balance between the need-to-dos and want-to-dos, and I'm feeling warmer and less frozen this week. Love your blog! Blessings, Becky G.

  3. Great apron! I'm so glad that you listened to your beloved...what marvelous shots.

  4. Love the apron and the photo breaks :0)
    Amen to your prayer. Have a good week...

  5. Yea to T. for keeping an eye out for photo ops. He really is a great supporter of your blogging efforts isn't he.

    It is such fun to see the apron, and to realize that apron wearing IS back in style.

  6. Cute, apron! Such a cheery colours!

    I love photo breaks. My beloved keeps an eye open for photo ops for me too.

    I'm constantly thinking of the things you mention. I have a heart condition and rest is part of the treatment. But, when I'm in the middle of a project I find it hard to stop! But the Lord is teaching me and it's a good lesson to learn.

    Shoot I better stop typing... I'm almost into a post rather than a comment :)

    It's food for thought - thanks Lovella!

  7. Nice apron, Lovella. Are those retro colours? My Mom made me a blouse of those same colours when I was a teenager. I wore it a lot.

  8. Wow ... I love that sky! And I love you husband for caring about the things he knows you enjoy. What a blessing he is to you, Lovella!

    Thanks for the reminder that breaks need not be long. I have fallen on both sides of that temptation ... at times not stopping to take a break because 'I didn't have enough time' and at other times overindulging in breaks that are too long.

  9. Now, that is beautiful and so are the colors. Great pictures and pictures can tell a million words.
    I so wished I had kept the apron my mother made years back...
    I'm not sure my girls would wear aprons at this point, but I could stack them away for future times.

  10. Green - my favourite color! (love the apron)

    Lori T

  11. Such a good feeling to accomplish a task! Love the retro look and details on your apron! And aren't you glad you didn't miss God's handiwork at the same time?

  12. What a pretty apron. Your photos are so lovely, and it seems right to take a little time for things that you might never see again.

  13. Love the sunny, spring apron colours. They look great on you. Great sky shots too. I wonder if professional photographers have informants to tell them that a great shot is in the making. It would make total sense!

    But when I opened your blog, I was, I must admit, a tad disappointed. I know your passion for American politics, and I see no mention of it at all. You have been glued to the TV this morning, haven't you? I watched with the express purpose of hearing Rick Warren's prayer. What did you think?

    I hope to read about it tomorrow. :)

  14. Beautiful sky shots !!! amazing!
    and a great job on your apron!
    You look lovely in it !!!

    and yes.. the things that matter most... Give us wisdom, Lord!

  15. aaaaaaaaah....love that apron and glad you took a break! We need to find balance...so hard to do.

  16. I've been contemplating the same thing--what can I leave undone? what matters most for me to do?

    The apron is a success!

  17. Hmmmm. I suffer from the same problem. Taking time....so important. And easier said than done.

  18. Hi Lovella...you look very cute in your new apron. That photo, when I first saw it, made me think of my Aunt Lois....you look just like her in that shot (or as how I remember her from when I was young and she was younger than I am now....)

    Your words are full of wisdom, and that first pic of the jet trail is fantastic!


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