American History Lesson

Yesterday for entertainment and education purposes. . .
we watched the American Presidential Inauguration.
Snacks. . . .Cheerios
Beverages. . .milk
Cousin Camp will not remember this day. . .
but their Grammie has it documented. . . they were there.
It's another Grammie Day for me. . .
All for now. . .with love,


  1. That is so adorable!!! A moment not to be missed, no matter what age. :)

  2. Oh too cute! Why didn't I think of snacks? It may have made it all the more pleasant. ;>

  3. How nice to get them started on their education so early!

  4. Love the matching high chairs!!

  5. I'm so glad I watched it...and thankful to someone who called to make sure I had the TV on bright and early in the morning.

    Did you have enough snacks to last for the entire 'educational lesson'?

  6. Well, it WAS a monumental day, of which they can one day say, "I was at Grammie's enjoying cousin camp."

  7. Well we know what's behind those chairs....At least you can let show them pictures someday.

  8. Ohh Lovella ! that WILL be soo important to them in the years to come. When Romay was two I was watching Neil Armstrong walk on the moon. It was on live on a snowy black and white TV screen, where you could hardly made out what was going on. I made Romay look.. She stared blankly at the 'snow' and went back to play. BUT she takes pleasre now in being able to say , "I saw the first man walk on the moon!"
    Enjoy your Grammie day....

  9. Awww - that is soo cute! Lori T

  10. So important to start them early on world events.


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