12 degrees C / 53 F degrees

Sunday was the best a girl could ever hope for in January in Canada. I took the liberty of converting Celsius to Fahrenheit for you. .. 12 degrees if you are in Canada. . .and 53 degrees for my American friends.

This caused quite a commotion here on the farm. . .the bungalow had it's windows opened and the TV was set to 70's music. . .and we dragged out the lawn chairs. There is something about listening to the music of the era when we were in high school. . . falling in love.

Sitting as close as possible to the house. . . it almost seemed like spring. We basked in the sunshine. . . and had ourselves a dose of Vitamin D to boot.

From time to time. . .we walked around the farm. . .nothing strenuous. . .just looking for signs of spring. . . .

. . . .and then we'd go back to our lawn chairs. . . and enjoy the far southern slant of the sun.

I did smile at the magnolia bush. . .it already has its fuzzy little buds reaching for the sun. I'm back in the sewing closet again today. . .perhaps tomorrow, I'll model my apron.

All for now. . .with love,


  1. I have to smile...53 F was our low temperature last night. We had an absolutely gorgeous, blue-sky, sunshine-rich day on Sunday, and after a few rain showers during the night, we've got a repeat of Sunday on the board for today.

    Everything looks beautiful around the farm...I know it'll be wonderful when Spring does arrive.

  2. Yes, as I drove over to your side of the Straits yesterday it was foggy and mild - my car told me it was 10 degrees at 6 o'clock (intelligent car!)
    I look forward to seeing that apron.

  3. Gotta love that warm sunshine at this time of the year! We had a stiff breeze out our way though...so there was no sitting out on the patio just yet.

    Have fun in that closet today!

  4. If this winter is indictive of "winter in the north" I think it is a grand time of year!

  5. It hit 70 here yesterday and I too sat in the sun like a lizard. We are prone to chilly fog in January here in Central California and the past few sunny days have been wonderful.

    Kathy b

  6. Love that post Lovella..that's what you call 'hope' in Canada! We thought we were basking in the warm weather as well although we only reached -5 C.
    Ahh that was so good to see you sitting in the sunshine even if it was up against the house..I'll do that as soon as I see the plus sign..

  7. oh my, can i say that i am a wee bit jealous.....i haven't stopped by in awhile and the last i remember is mountains of snow and then a flood of water. things sure do change quickly there. i better catch up on your posts to see what i have missed.

  8. And today is another beautiful day! (I just got back from my walk)
    I know what you mean about that
    70's music! I can't help but wonder why I remember the words to those songs and I can't memorize any new ones! Looking forward to seeing your apron too!

  9. It is still cold here. I heard that a few days last week, we were colder than Alaska. Now I know we were much colder than Canada, too.

    However, it is the time of year for cold so I should not complain... emphasis on should. :)

  10. Looks like you made the most of the great day. We did too with grands in tow. Their cheeks were so rosy after all the fresh air. Your magnolia will be beautiful again this year. My pink dogwood is showing afew signs of a pretty show yet to come. Enjoy the day Kathy

  11. We had 4 degrees here and that feels balmy! It's all comparison :)

    Lovella - a nice touch for the potato parsnip dish? Whip them with beaters. Mmmm. And I have heard of piping them into little mounds on a baking sheet and then baking them until a little bit browned - also delicious but I have never done it myself.

    hope you enjoy!

  12. WHAT THE HECK????? I thought you lived in Canada,for heavens sake!
    We have record snowfall so far this year, and simply cannot afford to have the plow dude coming every day at $35 a pop!

  13. We just arrived home, while you basked in the sunshine we felt the shivery winter chills of -15.
    But what a winter wonderland.
    Keep enjoying the sun and the music.
    I love that channel.

  14. I'm so glad you got some warmth, sun and vitamin D. I remember those long and dreary grey days, weeks, months in the Pacific Northwest.

  15. Ahh, it looks just great seeing you soak in that vitamin D!

  16. Hi Lovella,
    Sunday it was 13 degrees in Dawson Creek BC. My friend was sitting on his deck in his T-shirt drinking beer.
    Nice pics!


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