testing cakes

Tell me the truth. . . .
if you were responsible to guide ones taste buds to love chocolate forever. . .
would you take the task lightly?
I thought not.
This week, I have been busy perusing my best loved chocolate cake recipes for the cake that I'll be baking tomorrow.
This tender crumbed and soft as a cloud cake. . .just might be the one.
It is a bit tempting to give her a crash course with my favorite dense chocolate cake. . .
I'll let you know on Monday. . .
Oh. . I do hope my decorating skills are in top form tomorrow. .
I seem to have good days and well. . .less than pastry chef perfection on other days. . .
Have a wonderful day my friends. . . run on over to Mennonite Girls Can Cook if you are thinking of making a Chocolate Chiffon Cake that is powder puff light.


  1. Please please please post your favourite dense chocolate cake - in all my years of baking, chocolate cake has been my nemesis. I haven't made one "from scratch cake" that tastes as good as Duncan Heinz Deep Chocolate Cake (with an extra egg and pudding added). It's not that I'm totally against cake mixes, I just don't like this feeling of defeat... :)

    The chiffon cake sounds promising (although I may have to visit my local egg farmer) but we have dense chocolate cake lovers in this house.

    Have fun baking this weekend!

  2. Oh, that looks so good! I'll also second Sparrow's request for a dense chocolate cake recipe, too!

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. So light and fluffy looking...even I am tempted! And that from someone who usually shies away from most things chocolate.

  4. Just a quick note before I race over to MGCC to check out the chocolate chiffon.
    re guiding someone to a love of chocolate - by example, certainly, by example!

  5. hmmm, i am curious kind, dense chocolate cake put to the side...(wouldn't mind the recipe for that either), but what is the occassione that you are going to all this trouble for the "perfect" cake, inquiring minds want to know!
    tee hee.

  6. Oh Lovella...can't wait for your post tomorrow....yum. Those little cupcakes were beautiful..but ahhhh the cake for the ocassion...something wonderful.

  7. So did your tempting cake work with the birthday girl? Did she love it?


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