Sending you Packin'

I don't mind Christmas decorating in the stores already. It surely does beat the decor that celebrated the 31st of last month. When I have gifts that need to be sent early, the early decor reminds me to get busy.

This year the grands planned to pack their own shoe boxes we decided to pack up boxes for the grands .. . from our house.

As tempting as it was to pack up boxes for wee ones the same age as our grands, we packed up boxes for big boys who are the least likely to receive a box. Done deal. We dropped the Christmas Shoe Boxes off at church this weekend and the last I saw of them, they were on a cart heading for a container to be shipped.
Oh . .. concerned I forgot to pack up the black lollipops?
Even the best intentions sometimes go a bit awry,
we like those black lollipops. . .
You still have time to pack up a shoebox to send overseas . . ..
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Operation Christmas Child is SUCH a great program. Our church has been a receiving station for several years, and we have enjoyed participating in that effort. I commend your wisdom in packing for the older children, Lovella ... those are so often overlooked. When I see the video of the grateful little faces of these kids, I am smote in my heart about the abundance and often wasteful society I live in.

  2. I love supporting OCC - what a great ministry. It never occurred to me that the big boys would be the least likely to receive gifts, but you are correct. Most people want to buy for the little tykes. Thanks for the hint!

  3. I always pack the boxes for the older kids..
    Did the grands at least have a peek as you were packing?

  4. Good choice to pick the older ones. Looks like you did a nice job Lovella. What a great mission...

  5. This is an amazing program...look at all those boxes! How wonderful that you can get customized boxes that don't look so hodge-podge, too, but I'm sure that the children who receive them are thrilled either way.

    What precious faces and sweet expressions of joy on those children, too.

    Waltzing outta here with a warm, fuzzy feeling and the desire to see if John's church is doing this program this year.

  6. I love the Operation Christmas Child for two reasons ! It is such a blessing to the children who receive them... but I think maybe the greater blessing is that it is a wonderful way to teach our children compassion as well as the joy of giving !! I know it has been a blessing in my grandchildren's lives.

  7. Shoe Boxes for kids is so much fun! Have you seen the Gaither Homecoming Video filmed in Africa where the performers delivered shoe boxes to children in person? It was so touching. Our family was involved in the Shoe Box ministry when our children were young. It was a very rewarding experience!

    We've strayed away to a new project --- this time to orphans in Bangladesh. This month a neighbor is there 'in person' and is delivering our gifts to our girls (since we have boy at home, we picked four girls afar --- two little tots and two upper teens --- I love them!).

  8. So glad you picked older boys. As I have said before I have had the opportunity to work with Operation Christmas Child here in Argentina on a number of occasions and there were never enough boxes for the older boys.

    Thanks to all of you who think of kids in distant lands. They are truly a blessing.


  9. Thanks for reminding me - our Sunday School are packing the boxes this week.

  10. We are packing boxes with our Girl Scout troup and I do love doing it! I think that it is such a great ministry and way to give back and teach the kids to give back and help out other less fortunate kids... ;)

  11. Our church does Operation shoe box as well. What fun it is putting these together!



  12. I love participating in OCC. We've done it for a few years now, and Gracie and I have such fun choosing gifts for the box and decorating the lid.

  13. Thank you so much for supporting such a wonderful program! I'll be sending 'my' Daniel his Christmas package in Uganda.


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