The eleventh month . . .
The eleventh day . . .
The eleventh hour . . .
I will stop and reflect on those that paid the highest price.
On this day in 1918 the first world war ended.
It was the year my Dad was born . . .
I wonder how his mother felt, giving birth to her youngest child in a time of such unrest.
Ninety years have passed since that day when for a short while, the world had enough of war.
Today, mothers are giving birth in places where gunfire is heard . . .
They are not much different from my grandmother. . .
I am so thankful to live in a country where I can worship freely.
I am free to speak honestly without fear of being silenced.
For all those that fought so that I could have this freedom. . .
I thank you. . .and remember you today.
And I will pray for peace in this hurting world.


  1. Beautiful.


  2. Thank you...beautifully expressed.

  3. Yes.. I agree, Amen! Our generation has been soo blessed to live all our lives in peace ! May we not take our freedoms for granted.. but continually thank the Lord for it! and remember those who live in war-torn areas of our world!

    I didn't know your dad was born the day WW1 ended.
    Romay was born the day the '6 day war' in Israel was won!

  4. Julie, My Dad was born the YEAR that the World War 1 ended .. .he was born in August.

  5. Scot & I watched this AM the cerimonies and the passing of the torch. We wondered about the senior veterin well into his 100's that passed that torch this morning. I'm sure his mind was flooded with memories, sadness, pride and hope for our country. We do have much to be thankful for and many to thank for our freedom. It is a sobering thought. We too will pause to remember at 11AM. Kathy

  6. I love that we both (Canada and U.S.) celebrate this day of remembering and honoring together. I am so thankful for the sacrifice of our Veterans, and I want them to know how much I enjoy the freedom they have given my family.

  7. yes - Amen!

    I am always struck, at this time of year, how young those men were - younger than some of my own boys.How difficult it must have been for the families back home.

  8. This post gave me goosebumps. Truly makes me reflect today.

  9. Amen! You have said it best.

  10. A beautiful tribute. My husband's grandmother (soon to be 105) was born in 1903. She would have been a young girl at this time --- how special that you put it into perspective. Thanks, Lovella.


  11. Lovella, Jill's Mom here. I was touched that your Dad was also born on Novemeber 11.My Dad was born in 1894 on that date and died on November 11 1n 1985 at age 81. He served in the Army during WW1 in Germany and was happy that the war ended on his birthday. I was always so proud of him when he rode a horse in the veteran day parade in San Diego. I was proud of my husband today who served in the Navy during WW2 and he was in the veteran day parade today in San Diego. I always get a lump in my throat when I see so many of those old timers...especially the group of the Pearl Harbor Day Survivors.I love the theme of the parade which was," If you love freedom, thank a veteran and our active military." I am thankful that Canada has always stood by us in our wars. God bless both our nations ! June D.

  12. Hi friend....trying to ,make it thru my whole favs list tonight...



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