no lashes Lovella

Upon careful inspection of my baby boys, I was delighted to see that they were not lash challenged upon their birth. Both of the boys take after their Dad .. . and now. . .upon careful inspection of the grands .. . phew. . again, my genes were overlooked in the eye lash department.

Adding 49.75 years to the mix, eyelashes are thinning to conserve body energy and I suspect are even been transported to other apparently lacking areas . . . enough said.

Over the years, I have carefully done my research in magazines and have purchased enough lousy mascara to last a lifetime. The other day, I was walking past the make up counter and this NEW mascara called me over. As is my custom, I purchased the new product and took it home for a go.
I think me and my new mascara will be friends. No eye liner, no eye shadow. . .just my mascara and my sparse little lashes. . .going out on the town. . .woo hoo. .. .for breakfast. .
What is the one piece of makeup you would rather live without.
Have a wonderful day my friends .. . .


  1. Being blonde and also sparsely-lashed, I will not be seen without my mascara! I wish I could do without makeup completely, but I'm not that fortunate.

    Besides requiring my mascara, I'll also admit that I'm a Chapstick addict!

  2. Looks like it works well! I'll have to tell my sister -- she loves mascara.

    I wish my kids could come to your farm for a tour too -- I'm sure they would love it!

  3. This same mascara called out to my 14 year old daughter recently ... make up tends to do that to teenagers! She loves it about the same as you do, I think, and now the two of you have me interested. I saw a interview with a world famous model several years ago, and she was asked what is the single most important piece of make-up. "Mascara," she quickly responded. I think of that interview often, because I detest applying the stuff ... but how can I skip the 'single most important' item, when I need all the help I can get!

  4. Are you sure we aren't sisters... those look like my eyes, other than mine being blue/no grey/uhm ? I think someone is pulling out my lashes at night!!
    I don't wear a lot of makeup otherwise, and WISH I could do without the mascara, but no chance.

  5. You are so lovely that with or without lashes you look terrific. I am also lash challenged with all the other stuff that you refer to so vaguely going on as well. I will be looking for this product. I hope it's everywhere!

    The one makeup item? Lipstick. I feel completely dressed with my lipstick on.

  6. Thank you for the giggle so early in the morning! I always pop by your blog but rarely comment - but just have to say 'thank you' every once in a while, for the good reading and the gentle nudge to think about life and faith.
    This week I'm in your neck of the woods for work (think of the second largest business in the Valley, after farming - the one with the big complexes and barbed wire and you'll have an idea of my employer!)so am looking at those gorgeous mountains every day.
    I recently re-opened my blog, now that the municipal elections are over - just have to get my act together to start writing again!

  7. Love the photos Lovella. Although it's not really considered make-up I'd like to ditch my sunblock. It makes me perspire more :0) But, alas, I can't ditch it because it's a necessity for me and my new skin condition. Just a little irritation in life and one I can live with...
    I'll have to keep my eye out for this mascara...

  8. You look great! I will be checking for that maskara. Those eyes on the first pic could be mine.
    I find that part of the "make-up" is just having a good haircut and having it clean. Then I feel good . . . with a bit of eyeliner, compact powder and lipstick . .. better! Mascare puts you over the top. Oh, I can't just choose one.

  9. definitely my mascara ! everything else is optional ! smile

  10. You are SO cute!

    Hee hee...I know what you mean abut skimpy lashes as we age.

    Last spring I considered having eyelash extentions added to my own lashes, until I learned it cost $180 to do that, and the lashes only last six weeks.

    My spa lady (la dee dah...) told me about a product called ReVitalash that you use like an eyeliner every night that makes lashes both grown longer and thicker. It cost $120 a tube...whoa.

    I had b-day gift certificate to the spa, and after doing some research on it, I decided to go for it.

    Six weeks later my eyelashes were so long they were banging into my glasses when I blinked. Double whoa! I took pictures along the way...dang, the stuff actually DOES work.

    But now I have to curl my lashes every morning so they will fit behind my glasses. NO JOKE!

    A tube of the stuff lasts for at least a year or more since it is just a single swipe of the eyeliner like brush each night. I've skipped lots of nights and I haven't noticed any change in the length and fullness yet.

    I used to have my lashes professionally dyed (cost like $15, lasted about two months) and that was great in humid Houston. Cheaper than mascara, but I still glopped mascara on too when going for glam.

  11. Gratefully, deep blue eyes and lovely lashes run in the family - when my baby boy was 5 he asked me to cut his long curly lashes because everyone was commenting on them. I told him that some day he would be grateful :)

    Thanks for the mascara tip - I need a new one.

    I'm always buying the next miracle hair product to deal with my curly unruly locks :)

  12. You're not going to believe this, but my husband has such LONG eyelashes, that he actually trims them now and then because they keep sweeping along his glasses and smearing them up!! Why oh why is it seemingly always the men who get blessed with them?!
    Unfortunately, mine are pretty sparse too so mascara is a must for me.
    LIke Vicki, I'm an addict to Chapstick - ever since those braces went on, there's a Chapstick nearby at all times!
    Lori T

  13. oh i wonder if my eyes would have a watery teary reaction. too have lashes like that again...well, what would my hubby say! ;;
    oh by the way i love the cinnamon sprinkles kissing your nose. it adds to your beauty and charm!

  14. I must have my tinted moisturizer and blush. I am very pale and people ask me if I am okay if I neglect to apply some color!

  15. I like you wonderful blog spot. Have a great weekend..m..

  16. After using the same mascara for as long as I can remember...I might just have to check out your new brand. Sure looks good on you!

    I'm home at long last...and catching up on what all my friends have been up to. I must admit that I peeked from time to time while on vacation...I'm can't stay away for that long!

  17. I need to check that brand...
    I am understanding the eyelash thing....and my eyebrows are doing strange things as well these days.
    Not liking the aging effects.

  18. I need me some of that stuff! Kathy

  19. Only you...could write a post on eyelashes, or lack of and I would find it interesting enough to read every word. And, only you could post a picture of your eyes up close with your new mascara and have it look beautiful. So happy for your new discovery. Bet your husband likes them.


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