No Kneading again

Warning .. . .if you need to lose a few pounds before the holidays begin, do not. . .I tell you .. .do not venture over to the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog if you have a weakness for Cinnamon Rolls.
In fact, I would encourage you to press the back button right now and pretend you never saw the buns ready to go into the oven.
Have a wonderful day my friends. . . .
For those of you who have left for a walk scheduled your walk for later. . .
I have to tell you, I have a book that I highly recommend for Christmas gift giving.
After baking countless No Knead Artisan Loaves of Bread and the starting to make the Multigrain bread that you can find on my sidebar. . .I thought there must be some wonderful Cinnamon Roll dough that is out there to try.
I whipped up this recipe for No Knead Cinnamon Rolls on Thursday and after letting it lounge in the refrigerator for the recommended length of time, I baked them up. Oh my, they are wonderful. I kept saying to my beloved, are these not the best Cinnamon Rolls you have ever had in your life? They are. Hands down.
Off for my walk. . .Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Oh, the temptation...I really need to lose some weight before Christmas. Must stay away from that recipe...must...

    I have no willpower. I am looking into that book! Enjoy your day!

  2. too late, i saw them and immediatly put on two pounds, maybe even five because i pictured my self eating all of them...oops.
    celery and water for the rest of the day...;-(, make that the week.

  3. Oh Lovella,
    Cinnamon buns are my one (of many) weakness. I will have to try them!
    Doris Janzen

  4. Oh mercy me! I'm going to have to walk 10 miles a day to keep up with all the wonderful cooking around here. Have a great day Lovella!!

  5. I'm with Charlotte..too late for me Lovella..I already have seen the pics on MGCC and so there goes that..I'll bake them and who will eat them?? That's an easy guess!

  6. As a gal who has managed to gain ten pounds BEFORE the holidays, I guess that I'm backing out now. But I know where to find them!

  7. I will definitely be trying these - perhaps even today?! I have been looking for a quick and easy but delicious cinnamon roll recipe - and the idea of freezing them ahead of time - I love it! Thanks! Lori T

  8. I'm so glad I went for a walk this morning!

  9. Wow. I am definitely putting that book on my wish list. I've been baking the multi-grain no knead bread for months and it is so amazingly good that I want to try more recipes like these. Thanks for sharing your excellent finds!!!

  10. ahhhh.... See everyone?? I have a built in advantage over you all !! smile.. being Celiac does have some positive side effects.... NOT ! I would rather gain the two pounds and eat those cinnamon buns. I have a recipe too for no knead cinnimon buns and when I make them they disappear instantly!

  11. Just requested it from my library - I confess I have a weakness for cinnamon rolls so I'm glad I don't have to wait for the book to try the recipe.

  12. I guess the diet is going back on hold!! haha
    I thought of you (and the MGCC blog) today when we got a new product in the shop! Organic flours! I am excited to start baking!


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