Less Words Wednesday

Living on the Pacific Coast of Canada we might often experience the drizzle of a rain forest. .. .

but. . . .hey if the big old Maple tree can enjoy a bit of moss growing on it. . .why can't I?

The tree is all but unclothed . . . .

but the floor beneath it . .. has a carpet of gold. If you have never walked on crunchy leaves. . think frosted flakes.

Oh .. . do have a wonderful day my friends. . . we're off to get my Cholesterol results. . .woo hoo.


  1. "Frosted Flakes" - that's a perfect description.

    Hope your numbers are perfect!

  2. lovely pix, would have loved to have been on that walk. can you believe i just did a full panel, perfect CHOL! woo hoo :)♥

  3. Ahh in less than a week I'm hoping to experience some frosted flake mornings ... :0)
    Hope you can still have butter rich foods after your appointment!

  4. May you discover that you're as healthy as can be! No moss on you, my dear, you move too fast!

  5. Lovely pics Lovella! And I also wish perfect numbers for you!
    Here it's the crunch in snow which has a beauty all it's own.

  6. Beautiful coastal range --- love that forest! Enjoy a beautiful day and hope the cholesterol is exactly where you want it!


  7. Lovella, you take such beautiful pictures! I absolutely LOVE crunching leaves.
    All the best on those results.

  8. I love moss covered logs .. to me a picture of contentment and peace...and leaves on the ground.. God's joy under my feet !

    May your cholestrol be soo low that you can come home and enjoy all your good cooking !! smile...

  9. The pics are stunning. Where exactly does one go to get such fabulous photos?

  10. Oh Dear! Cholesterol results?? I'd rather wait until after the holidays to hear about that!

  11. Love the photos! Good luck on the cholesterol count. Mine was a "little" high last time. sigh!



  12. Foliage is so beautiful. I like your analogy of frosted flakes.
    I loved crunching up the leaves yesterday. It was good therapy after a long vacation.
    Hope your results are OK...

  13. So pretty! All your pictures strengthen my resolve to get out west someday....


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