fresh frosting

Last week one day before the downpours began, I moseyed on back to the neighbors blueberry field behind our property. The blueberry plants are the brightest crimson now and will soon lose their leaves. The black hoses hang above them, dreaming of the hot summer months. . .way ahead when their leaking abilities onto the blueberry plants will be appreciated once again.

The snow had fallen fresh the day before .. .

not where we live, but through my zoom lens I could see it well.

I tell you one thing, if that volcanic mountain ever lets go .. . you'll be on my short list. . to know.

I wish that blogger had an extra large option for photos like wordpress does.

It doesn't. You can however click on the photo above to enlarge it if you wish.

Wouldn't you love your front window to be facing this?

I shan't complain, as my beloved often says. . .the walk will do you good.

Have a wonderful day my friends, I'm off for my walk.


  1. Gorgeous! Love the reds and blues and whites of these photos. Hope that the walk has gone splendidly...does your beloved join you for these morning walks or are they a solitary pursuit?

  2. Beautiful pics Lovella! That must be one fine place to walk..

  3. glorious, just glorious.
    what kind of camera do you have.
    you certainly are an amazing photographer.
    great hobbie....a beautiful way of expressing God's glory.

  4. Love the red blueberry bushes! And Mt. Baker is really in all its glory in this shot. I have the same feelings about Mt. Rainier wondering what we'd do if it ever blows it's top!!

  5. It's a beautiful day for walking, isn't it ? Blue sky instead of the promised rain ??
    I have enjoyed that mountain all my life...beautiful shot, Lovella!!
    Have a wonderful day and week!

  6. The mountain is beautiful with the fresh fallen snow. And the crimson bushes so pretty too! You've just described the red, white, and blue of life.


  7. Baker looks beautiful with its fresh dusting! The seasonal changes are nice, no matter what season it is.

    I use Slide (free) to host some photos in my Wordpress. That way, I have the option of "biggifying" the photos. Slide also builds and hosts slide-shows for free.

  8. I love to see the snow on the mountains (from a distance!). It is truly beautiful.

    So what does the farmer grow on the farm besides blueberries?

  9. I'm giggling at your Sat. salamander experience ... and ohhhing and ahhhing at your beautiful mountain view!

  10. Awesome picture Lovella! I stole it and put it on my background of my computer... hope you don't mind! I wish we could see Baker from our house, but it is behind the hill... We are below it and in it's shadow... I feel the same as you do if she ever decides to blow her top!

  11. Amazing picture of Mt.Baker Lovella. I clicked on it as you said and it is if you were in a chopper taking the picture at arms reach. Amazing!

  12. Wow, which mountain is this? I live below you in Western Washington so we get much the same weather and scenery. You may be a touch colder, however. We live very near Mt. St. Helen and I remember the ash fallout when she blew her top.
    Carline of Lady of the Cloth


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