big boys and little boys

Little boys . . ..

Big Boys . . ..

they still hog the toys. . .

The only thing that has changed is who the parents are . . .

and who the grandparents are . . .

It struck me funny as I looked at the top photo from our archives,

at how quickly my role to small children has changed.

OH and the top picture is the basement of our first house probably in 1983 or so. . .

Macrame hangers, fake wood panelling, faux crushed avocado drapes, and slip covers that have foam attached to the back so they don't slip around .. .

My mom on the left of the couch, Terry's mom on the right hand side. . .me in the denim jumper and our dads chatting away.

Those were very good times.

Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Oh, how fun...and funny! I love pulling out old photos and comparing them to the present day.

    I can picture my son-in-law in the floor playing with all of "Ace's" toys. He already sits in the floor and plays with the big boy toys now! ("Ace" is what they've chosen to call the baby until he is born.)

    (Love your new signature!)

  2. Fun trip in your "way back" machine. Cute comment, too!

  3. aww.. how precious memories are !!!

  4. Well, Christmas morning will be fun for all of your boys!
    I was watching my big boy with his little boy on the weekend - I can't think of anything more satisfying than seeing one's children as good parents.

  5. Those two photos are fabulous together Lovella! Love it!

  6. Yeah, there was something about that first photo that didn't say 2008...

    Big boys still like their toys!

  7. Oh, what's going on? I have something almost identical ready to post too! Going down memory lane is fun, isn't it? Such a blessing to grow old like this . ..
    can I say that?

  8. I love that! How good to be reminded that time doesn't stand still ... we blink and our time with our children has slipped away. I think I'll go hug my daughter again.

  9. It's so hard to believe that so many year have slipped through our fingers. But the memories go on for ever. I love watching the big kids play...

  10. I LOVE that 80's room! Do you know a place where you can get that kind of stuff? I'm thinking of re-doing a 2020's style house back to the 1980's style. Those years were just so cozy. Especially faux crushed velvet curtains. Sigh. I wish Great Grammie had hung on to all that wonderful stuff.

    (This was a time traveling comment from the year 2030, when your great granddaughters will be thinking of redecorating their 2020style houses. Seems reasonable, as there is now 50's style furniture for sale at Target, and magazines and websites about 5o's style metal cabinetry and sinks with Hootie rings. Formica just re-issued their boomerange design. Apparently all it takes is about 50-60 years for ANYTHING to look cute again! Even shag carpeting is making coming back! Aaaggghhhhhh....

  11. I love it! I have very similar pic's in my archives of two boys playing with farm equipment on the a room complete with macrame hanger. Where have the years gone? I'm with is such a blessing to grow OLD!

  12. Precious memories indeed, Lovella!
    I loved the pics.

  13. As the mother of sons, I find this picture-show simply terrific! So funny --- I love how you show the now and then. Not much changes! Hehe. I'm sure both of your boys are fantasic fathers!


  14. I KNEW that was you in the denim jumper - I had one myself complete with plaid shirt (which are back in again) and my sister made me a macramé hanger for our wedding and I had those curtains in gold and our boys were on the floor wearing the same little red pants with the lines down the side.

    *sigh* Sweet days!

    And the days are still sweet - and going to get even sweeter right?!

  15. Boys will be boys, hey?!?! Grin.

  16. boys will be
    i recognize the slip cover on that couch...i grew up with the same

  17. I had to click in close to see what the toys were in the second photo. Their needs are so few.

  18. Just as I remembered your Mom and MIL and the boys. Such memories! Kathy


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