Yesterday was nearly perfect. The sun was out. . .the breeze was blowing and though it was only 10 degrees Celsius, with the sun . . . and a few layers, the ripping out of the perennials began.
I remember before blogging and less picture taking. . .the yard work was completed much quicker. But hey, where's the fire?
The first leaf art arrangement was much more artistic. . .but my assistant thought it was very funny to blow it away . I had to hurry to lay these and click the camera. . .moments later, they were blown to the pile.
Do you ever notice how sense of humor differs from men to women?
Always teasing . . . .
Ah .. .the yard was eventually cleaned up. . .and had ourselves a cup of coffee.
We'll be cleaning up leaves for awhile. . . but I don't mind one bit ..
let's not rush the season .
Have a wonderful weekend my friends . . .


  1. I always think of that line from a Jimmy Buffett song (one that Doc has to quote to himself over and over somedays): "If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane." It's especially fun to have someone so dear to laugh with. Enjoy the teasing!

  2. I love that attitude "Let's not rush the season" Have a nice day Lovella. We are sitting on pins and needles here because there is a horrible wildfire in Montecito (Santa Barbara) area and the Christian College Westmon where two of my nephews are have had buildings burn down and faculty housing burn down. The kids are safe in the gym. My brother is here at our house and is closer to the area and will probably be picking his two sons up sometime today...

  3. That should read Westmont College!

  4. Lovella...beautiful weather and great for those leaf blowers...too much fun! Ellen...reading your comment...oh my. Prayers your way!!!

  5. Yes, I have definitely noticed the difference between the genders' sense of humor. How could he just blow your art away like that? Men can be soooo insensitive. :D

    I like the "where's the fire?" comment and will be remembering it for future reference.

    Enjoy the day!

  6. I love everything about fall leaves! I know they turn yucky when all our soggy rain season hits... but in crisp, cold, clear weather they are a delight !! as is your artwork !! smile

    Yes.. Ellen.. I'm praying the kids all stay safe.. and the fire soon under control!

  7. Great pictures! I always wish for trees in our yard and my husband is very thankful we don't have any! :) The tiny tree we do have very conveniently allows its leaves to be blown away without us having to rake! :)

  8. Love your leaf art, Lovella!
    I love taking advantage of these lovely autumn days, with freshly laundered sheets hanging on the line, and cider and donuts by the fire.
    Blessings to you, dear friend!

  9. That's a lot of leaves, Lovella. I'd want to play with them too. Does the Lil Farm Hand know how to jump in the leaves yet?

  10. Gorgeous leaves! No raking here, everything is covered with snow.
    But why are you ripping out your perennials, Lovella?

  11. Thanks for documenting the days for me! Its good to see what was outside my window, even if it is at the end of a week.


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