what is your excuse?

Growing older is like making a pudding.
You get lumps if you don't stir.

I found that little quote in a Company Coming Dessert Cookbook as I was looking to make a dessert for tonight. I had to smile. .since it is so true.

I am also reminded of my mom. . . she was ill advised in her early sixties. She was feeling the effects of aging bones and muscles and had been diagnosed with osteo arthritis. My mom and dad had been cycling and she was diligently exercising. Do you all remember the little contraption that was attached to a doorknob. . .a little string thing on pulley's? The feet went through two of the loops and the hands through the other two loops and you would lay on your back and basically pull your arms to the ground and the legs would raise.

Her doctor advised her that exercise would be hard on her joints. . .I still remember her putting away her bicycle and taking easy walks instead. . . she had a massive heart attack at 73 and passed away.

So, in my 49th year. . . I'm moving more rather than less. My right knee might be complaining but it is in the minority .. for the rest of the limbs and my lungs and my heart are in charge of the exercise regime.

September marks new beginnings much as spring does. . .a new opportunity to do the best we can with what God has given us. Every time I spend time with my grandbabies I determine that they are worth more than the sore knee and all the huffing and puffing from my lungs.

I'll still be making that dessert for tonight because I enjoy all foods in moderation and I'll be taking that walk because its good for me .. .. and for the love of my family. . .

Thirty minutes. . . five days a week. . . is said to add years to a life. . . I'm reprioritizing my daily schedule. . . walking first. . .blogging second. . so if my post isn't up first thing in the morning, you'll understand why. I'll be talking more about organizing and prioritizing in the coming days. . . . interested?

Have a wonderful day my friends, I'm off for my walk. . .what about you?


  1. This sounds exactly like what I need to do. With the upcoming changes in my life (and the very recent ones), I need to focus on staying healthy, losing some of this weight, and utilizing my time in a better fashion. Prioritizing... organizing... self-improvement... all lead to a happier, healthier, better self/wife/mother/gramma/servant of God.

  2. September is always another point in the year (besides New Years) that I feel as though we have another "clean slate" or new beginning.
    I'm right with you in the determination to work to be as healthy as we can be as we grow older - for the love of our families and our ourselves. And yes, it does mean rearranging our priorities and determination (the second more so in the dark, cold mornings in the months coming up!!)
    I will continue to look forward to reading your posts, no matter what time of the day they show up!!
    Thanks for your encouragement and boldness to talk about any or all issues that are important to you - because that really is what matters most!
    Lori T

  3. After last night's dinner, I definitely need to do some walking! I'll see if my little pal is up to walking this morning. Happy Labour Day to you.

  4. Well the weather is certainly dictating an early fall. I began my fall projects abit early this year. August 1st I began to walk with my neighbour. It feels good. For organizing, well you know my crawl space. I have a good handle on that project and I do think by the time the week is up I will have it done:) I also changed up my china cabinet. I see the fall theme emerging inside and out and I like it....although a burst of September sunshine would be very welcomed. Looking forward to hearing what you have up your sleeve this fall. Kathy PS I chuckled at the memory of the pully system. My mom had one too:)

  5. I've got my scheduled walk with Willow tomorrow at 9 am. I really do feel better when I walk everyday. Today I'm recuperating from a 8 hour roundtrip to Central California for an engagement party yesterday. It seems that we really have to be deliberate about our plans for healthy things in our lives, physical and spiritual...

  6. And you can get morning prayer time in first thing while you walk too; I find that while I am praying at home my mind suggests doing housework instead.

    Isn't that just the weirdest thing that housework can be a temptation???

    You will take your camera along on your walks won't you?

  7. I have to agree with Ellen that we really have to deliberate about our plans to stay healthy spiritually as well as physically.
    I'm so thankful for a walking partner/friend whom I have walked with for 20 years now. We started with walking our kids to school and continuing on from there. We have seen each other at our worst and at our best...the weather included . . .rain, snow, bsically anything. Often times I would have opted to stay in bed if I didnt' know that she was waiting for me. I haven't melted, nor frozen to death and I really believe it has helped me stay healthier than my pre-disposed hereditary genes would have made me...I'm thankful! Now, if only I had that kind of accountability spiritually.

  8. The other day, I actually told my son, "the path to hell is paved with good intentions." First he was shocked that I said the word hell, then he took a moment to figure out what I was getting at. After mumbling some creative excuse, he did what he was asked. It made me smile to think that these kids had never heard of the saying, and then I found myself avoiding something I said I would do. Hmm.... Being intentional, and deliberate take planning, and direction. We are definately called to action, not just planning. Thanks for the directional thoughts!

  9. I'm very impressed - if it ever stops raining here I'll join you :)Just kidding - I will join you anyway - my walking video eliminates every bad weather excuse!

  10. I like that quote..oh yeah and I better stir before I'm just lumps!

  11. Thanks for the helpful reminder and boost! I needed that! I am sending the girls on the bus at 8:00 am and then I am taking the other two on a walk in the jogger stroller first thing! I love your Blog Lovella!

  12. Well, I've already got too many lumps - hee hee! You've inspired me to try and go OUT for a purposeful walk every day instead of whatever the pedometer racks up just from having it on all day long and doing stuff around the house. And I REALLY need to do that. Thanks for the kick start to get me stirring up the pudding.

  13. Lovella, My mother died at age 71. That was when my brother and I looked at each other and said, "We'll do what we need to do to stay healthy and live longer than she did."

    Even when I 'fall off the wagon' I start back up again and I keep walking and riding my bike and eating healthfully.

    I want to be around to see my grandchildren go up!

    I've taken on some tutoring students in the afternoons so I'm going to have to get creative about walking with Ellen.


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