Twice a year. . .it gets hauled away. . .
I don't care where it goes . . .
I don't ask. .
I don't care . .
This organic .. . 100 % goodness, will be spread onto some other farmers grass land. . .
corn field. . .berry field. . .
I don't care where .. .but twas time to go. .
My stinkyman beloved has worked like a dog. .
shovelling, scooping, power washing, scraping. . .
and as of today. . .
he's done.
He said. . ."do you want to go to Walmart tonight?"
I said. . ."for what?"
He said. . ."I think there must be a new Classic Truck magazine out"
I said. . "you sure don't ask for much do you?"
If I had done. . . what he just did. . . I'd be booking a spa treatment.
I'm glad I'm a girl.
Twice in my life during child birth .. .I wasn't sure. .
but that will never happen to me again .. .
so I'm glad.
Tomorrow. . .you will see what my beloved loves almost as much as he loves me. . .
it starts with a W .. . and ends in an .. . i. . .
can you guess?
Have a wonderful day my friends. . I'm off for a walk.


  1. That riddle...nope, I'm drawing blanks this morning! (Unless it has something to do with the truck...or a grandbaby...)

    Phew...does that big pile of smelly stuff have anything to do with raising chickens? I have cleaned enough coops and pens in my time to know that I never want to go near that again!

  2. it must have something to do with a truck...
    it is a smelly job, but somebody has got to do it.....better him than
    he always seems to do things with such a good spirit. i like that in quality in him...hard working and cheerful at the sametime. pass along to him that i think he is a gem, wouldya

  3. Hmm starts with a W and ends with an i. All I can come up with before my breakfast is watusi but I don't think that's it. If I get an inspiration after breakfast I'll come back :0)

  4. Ooh no wonder he wasn't allowed in the house!
    I have no idea what he could love almost as much as you(doesn't his life revolve around you and only you?? hehe) g'kids? food? truck? JD machinery?..nope I just don't know!
    I agree with Charlotte that hubby of yours is a gem..a keeper for sure!

  5. Starts with a W and ends with an i......could it be a Wii game system???

  6. First think that come to my mind is the wii game. Yup, I could see you both liking that.
    Glad everthing's good to go again!
    I'm glad I'm a girl too!

  7. Oh Lovella...that is why he was kept out. Grin. What a are right. I am not sure anything I do comes that close...although metaphorically!!!! Anyway..loved your post...your wording was delightful!
    What does your husband love almost as much as you? I too am baffled...firstly that anything can even come close and secondly...hmm. It it a holiday location? I am just guessing. I've never been 'through the fall' with you before but maybe, maybe a holiday coming up when harvest is over?

  8. I'm so bad. . I just realized you don't all know German .. .shoot. .
    I must have had too many manure fumes. .

  9. Oh!!!! I have another guess! And I'll hopefully not get stuck with getting my password wrong again and again! It's Wareniki!! I should have known it's food!

  10. I"m giggling a little here. I would have picked you up and we could have gone to the spa together!

    As much as I too hated being a girl during labor, well, it was still a spiritual experience.

  11. Hmmmm...let's just say you are lucky it all gets hauled away, Lovella. Our 'organic bi-product of farming' was plastered on all the fields around here last week...there was no eating outside. Today it smells quite lovely, so my laundry is out on the line!


  12. I haven't a clue either, but Waikiki is one of the places I like!!
    Glad the smelly business is over for now. You must have some powerful laundry machines!
    Lori T

  13. hmmm - I looked up Wareniki on Google and almost every website is in German - but it sure looks good - I knew it had something to do with machinery or food.Hope you are posting the recipe.

  14. Yup, I bet Anneleise is right. That lucky guy! Nothing says mennonite cooking to my taste buds like that does. Enjoy your Walmart outing. Kathy

  15. Lovella, thank you for your visit, I am so grateful for all the support from friends all over the world.

  16. Somehow I figured that's what he was up to. :)

  17. That man is fed so well! And it ain't just cupboard love for you either.

    Glad the stinky job is done, and maybe the truck can get some new tricks added in time for a little fall hot rodding.

  18. Those piles look so familiar. Only we have a Blue Ford tractor.
    My husband would like Waikiki.
    Our birds go out on our 35th wedding anniversary...
    Only a few more days.

  19. haha stinkyman!
    lol glad you are a girl except for two times in your life?!!?! haha

    You're so funny Lovella


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