Someone recently pointed out to me that my site meter was about to turn over.
I scrolled down my side bar and sure enough, close to turning over.
Then. . .
I forgot about it.
The funny thing is, that when I first started my blog, I didn't know about site meters. . .
and then I noticed other people had a visitor counter and I proudly loaded up my own.
I made the counter ignore my own visits since at first I clicked onto my blog far more than anyone else.. . .
the counter moved a little slower the next day. . smirk.
The part that intrigues me far more than the number of visitors is where you all come from.
I'm sure that often it is a quick peek and off you go again, but still I'm curious and intrigued to how you arrived at my blog.
So .. . I check into the referrals. If you type something into the search engine on your computer. . .and my blog is offered as a possible selection .. might arrive to find me.
For the most part, I don't pay much attention to the numbers anymore .. .
I just pound out my thoughts about what matters to me. . .
and try to be a wee bit clever. . .or at least not completely dull.
If someone would have told me two years ago that I would find a
a place where I can share my faith in Jesus. .
a place where I can be accountable. .
a place where I can find fellowship. .
a place where I can find encouragement . . .
a place where I can ask your opinions and enjoy your feedback. . .
I would not have hesitated one moment to press the button that says Create A Blog.
I am humbled by your interest in what goes on in the bungalow and on the farm yard.
You intrigue me. . even if I can't know who you all are.
When some one leaves a comment I feel valued and appreciated. . .
and today .. .I want you to know I appreciate each one of you too.
For those of you who have emailed me with encouragement I appreciate you too.
I feel like the blessings are immense. .
Well my friends, I hope you have a wonderful day, I'm off for my 30 minute walk.


  1. Thank you, Lovella, for providing a place for encouragement, hope, friendship, and good eating - among other things! I feel blessed to have clicked around enough times to happen upon your blog, and I'm glad you're there...faithfully blogging away and commenting as you're able.

    I used to pay a lot of attention to my sitemeter, too, but it seems so unimportant these days. I still enjoy looking at the search terms, however, because that can be very entertaining!

  2. thanks Lovella, I appreciate you, your blog and the encouragement from bloggers around the world...

  3. Now that's a milestone, Lovella! Your blog has been a source of encouragement for many...a safe place to visit...a place of refreshment in the dessert of blogs...sometimes good for a chuckle...and a reminder of 'what matters most' in life...and so we all come back. And those clicks just keep adding up!

    Enjoy your morning walk!

  4. Lovella, even though I con't always post, I read your blog daily. I find a great inspiration through your faith, encouragement, and just lovely posts.



  5. I don't even have a site meter, but I do enjoy getting comments. I started to blog for myself, and have met some lovely women with like interests, and some with very different views on the world, it is a great place to share and learn and enjoy each other.

  6. This blogging world..I love it even if I don't have my own. Well I am part of one..MGCC, so that counts right? Anyway I do really enjoy coming here daily to see what you have for us, Lovella, things that really matter..your love of Jesus and being an encouragement in daily life struggles, joys, and so much more.
    We'll keep that site meter rolling!
    I'm off to the country for my walk..

  7. Congratulations! A site meter turning over ! that's not unlike the milage on our car's odometer. Although most people don't keep their vehicles that long anymore!

    I don't pay nearly as much attention to my site meter as I did at first either.. but I am intrigued by the people who find me from around the world ! It is so wonderful how blogging brings new friends right into our hearts and homes !

    You have done an amazing job with your blog !! It was definitely a God-moment when you started it - and a God-opportunity to bless others in a unique way !

  8. I found your blog through ellen b. She, like you, is such an encourager. Because you both love God and share His gifts, it's a true blessing to come visit you. Many many thanks.

  9. Oh, you are tempting me with those berries!!! Yum!

    It's taking me awhile to catch up on all "my blogs" since our vacation. :)

    You will be pleased to know that Andrew requested cheesecake for his birthday and I decided to try your recipe, which, of course, was a HUGE success! Andrew loved it too! (Rachel, a few years ago, chose cheesecake, and was SO dissappointed -- poor thing!) Anyway, once I get through all the piles of pics from the vacation, I'll be posting some of Andrew's birthday and the cheesecake -- decorated Lovella-style of course! :)

  10. People keep stopping by your blog and often do so to find a tidbit of what really does matter in life. My days start early with my walks. I pass by many blackberry bushes picked clean and today I thought about all the great recipes that have been made with those tasty berries. You look like you are standing on top of the world on your new header picture. It's beautiful. Keep blogging, I know it is one of the things that brings you joy. Kathy

  11. You have been an immeasurable blessing to me and many others of your blog readers!

    Thank you for your faithful efforts!


  12. Thanks Lovella for creating such a lovely blog - I always have a happy feeling of anticipation as I click on my "What Matters Most" link.

  13. Oh and I wanted to add - your new banner is beyond lovely - it's stunning.

  14. Isn't that funny. Some of us roll over those numbers too quickly and don't even notice the years anymore.
    Thanks for sharing your life so open with us.
    It's been a real blessing. I've been motivated and encouraged.
    Keep on Walking.

  15. awesome blog and I really appreciate your insight on stuff girl!

  16. Lovella, I don't often comment, but I, too, enjoy your interesting stories and thoughts about life and faith. You are inspiring me. As soon as I get the washing machine going and kitchen cleaned up, I am going for a morning walk, 2nd day in a row! Thanks. Dairymary


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