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Oh I'd love to leave these pears out for display for a month or so. . .
I enjoyed them for a bit before tucking them where the fruit flies don't fly.
Sure I could go out and buy some very realistic looking fake ones. . .
but they would be fake. . . I like the real thing.
I have long since stopped buying margarine. . .or cool whip. . .or "fat free" products. .
they just don't taste as good as the real thing. . .

To see the recipe for the finished Pear Tart. . . .go to the MGCC.

Now. . .if I could just put that amount of dedication into the rest of my life. . .

I'd be good to go.
I'm off to get my roots checked this morning. . . .
(yes Tammy. . .I've remembered. . . unlike last week)
My hair color may not be the real deal .. . but there is always an exception to all man made rules.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. I'm with you...better a drop of the real thing than a ton of the fake. Yucky stuff!

    Your pears are so pretty that you could frame the picture.

  2. Oh girl. How do you keep your girlish figure with the culinary skills you have!? This looks fabulous. Oh and speaking of roots mine are hanging out there with no rememdy till I'm up in Washington the last weekend in September. Monday morning appt. at 9:00 am with my root girl...
    Have a great day I'm headed out for my morning walk...

  3. Ha..was going to call you on the 'real deal' but you just did it yourself..hehe
    Wow what a nice pear dessert..I just bought a box of pears and will be canning and baking them up real soon. I have a pear tree and the pears are ready to eat, a crop of 9 pears (hehe).. the pears are small but oh so delicious.

  4. So many good things to bake these days...I love this season!

    I wonder...were you enjoying a free meal at the feed company BBQ last Thursday, and forgetting about your 'root' appointment?

  5. you pears out for decoration, i have the same love. i have a little pear motive going one, my mom has real looking fake fruit that is amazing that i would love to get my hands on, but no such luck!....tart looks wonderful.
    i think when i turn 50 i might, (might) give up touching up my roots. i have seen some amazing silver kissed hair that looks great on women...just maybe =}

  6. Judy. . .that is exactly where I was. . . totally forgot. . .shoot.

    Charlotte, I asked my hairdresser about that as well. . .my grey is not that gorgeous chic looking silver as some ladies have. . .

    Betty. . . this MGCC blog is having it's effects. . .off for my walk.

  7. Oh.. Lovella, I agree with your philosophy... the real deal is always better ! except for a few exceptions... smile ..

  8. The real thing sure is the best. As far as the roots...I'll keep supporting my hair dresser. My grey is not the 'chic' kind either. Not to worry, it's not something I worry about too much, just color and go. Pears, just had one fresh off the tree in Vernon this week. When I told the lady at the fruit stand we were just passing through she insisted on a fresh one. I so enjoyed it. Kathy

  9. I'm with you on the "real" especially butter!

    I'm also with you on the non-real roots - got mine done this week.

    You could frame those pears - domestic art!

  10. Love the pear motivation of what my figure could look like if I don't keep up with the exercise and diet watch. (waddle waddle...)

    Canada: Will you please send some cool fall weather down here soon? I'm ready for a touch of fall!

  11. I love the pictures of the pairs. It reminds me of friends of various shapes ~ beautiful in many ways! Oh, the tart looks delicious!

  12. Hmmmm....hmmm good. I agree with you...real is all ways (if you can get away with it - i.e., hair colour). I don't have roots, I have 'swaths' of white...and I've decided that that is all the highlighting I need in my 'used to be blonde' hair. I recently attended an extended family gathering and looking over at all my cousins (my age or older) I was amazed....they were ALL bleach blonde! Amazing...especially as (though we are german) we are NOT pale and blonde...well...not most of us are not.... So I am glad to be a natural blond going naturally white. But it works for me...not everyone! HA! Now to serious topics...that tart looks beyond belief good! Hmmm...wish I could take just a slice to you feed the masses or how do you 'dispose' of all that baking....freeze? Willing company, hungry neighbours, family dinners? Sigh... my fridge is too full for the three of us and my tummy is showing it!


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