shiny new paint

Yesterday, while the rest of the continent was running amuck. . with the financial situation. .down south. . my beloved was blissfully and intentionally
I ran out to the paint booth. . . . in the back yonder. .
I said . . . ."they voted down the bail out plan"
He said. . . "oh"
I said. . ."the markets have lost . . ..a lot"
He said. . ."what's for lunch?"
I ran back to the bungalow to throw a frozen pizza in the oven.
I ran back to the painting booth out back yonder. . .
I said. . "shall I bring the picnic out?"

The innards and the frame of the old Merc have had a coat or two of shiny paint and they are drying
on the fancy drying old trampoline frame.
I took this picture because. .
you can see Mount Baker's snowy cap in the distance ..
and the manure storage bricks in the background. . .

So, the day came to a close yesterday.
History was made, in the financial scene. . and out back yonder behind the barn.
Later in the evening the innards were ceremoniously carried to the safety of the shop.

It seemed like such a pleasant day, in our neck of the woods.

On this last day of September. . . have a wonderful day my friends. . .


  1. Your beloved has just the right idea. No sense in wallowing in the minute to minute breathless updates out of Washington. Yuck!

    He sure does good work, too!

  2. I too was blissfully unaware of the downward slide south of the I was painting everything pink out my way!

    Terry chose the perfect day for his open-air paint booth. I'll need an explanation about 'manure storage bricks'?

  3. Looks just like the tramp becomes quite useful. Yes, we heard of the southern plummet and yet life carried on. Barns are ready, set, go again and out come the little birds.

  4. Judy, if you check back under the post smelly . .earlier this month, you can see the manure piled up high, it's not sloppy . .Terry says you can stack it up in a corner and it won't run away. . . after, it is hauled away and the concrete pad is swept clean as a whistle. It is basically just used as a solid back so it doesn't get pushed further away when loading onto the truck.

  5. I knew Terry must have had some special project in mind - a perfect day for it. My DH is watching BNN closely - out of interest - no panic in this household.

  6. There are yet too many unknowns in the financial world for me to get too upset...yet. I'm just waiting to see. After all, it's only money, right?

    Looks like Terry had a beautiful day to work!

  7. Hello Lovella,
    I happened to hear about the "Mennonite Girls Can Cook" twice in the last week... Once through someone at Harry's company in PoCo and once this morning at the checkout in Superstore!
    I had to "check it out" and came upon your amazing blog!
    I love your reflections on what happened yesterday in the stock market. Makes me think of the old hymn, "My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness..."
    You are an incredible writer Lovella!

  8. Jane, what a small world. .thank you so much, you are too kind.
    The MGCC blog has taken on a life of its own. . pretty fun.

  9. I just chose not to think about it. What difference would it all make? I still have food and shelter.

    A little something something showed up on my doorstep yesterday! It was opened and has been a big hit! Photos to come!

  10. Hmmm.. makes me think as I watch the meticulous and loving care bestowed on restoring that old Merc. Reminds me of God as he looks at a worn-out-tossed-aside life and yet.. He see value and desires to restore that life by filling it with Himself - in fact He gave His life to do it !


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