shall we sell them?

I remember a few years ago hunting for Mennonite recipes on the computer. There are actually some really good sites. . .if you can imagine what the recipes should look like when they are finished. I noted that the recipe blogs that had Mennonite recipes didn't have any pictures. After I noted some other women of like mind posting some pretty amazing looking recipes. . .the idea was started in the middle of the night .. .when I do some of my best thinking.
I emailed those few gals who I knew would be good sports .. . .then I emailed a few gals who regularly commented on my blog but didn't have blogs of their own. ..thereby proving also to be good sports. .. and my plan was put into action.
Who would have known that people love to look at food and recipes as much as they do?
Who would have known that their is so much satisfaction in teaching through a blog how to cook?
These gals are keen on sharing all they have learned so that the joy of cooking will not be lost.
I have appreciated the enthusiasm and the attention to detail and the desire I see in these gals to contribute beautiful pictures and recipes.
Yesterday I went to get the mail. . .and my senses were alerted with a small brown paper package in the middle of the pile.
I love anticipation. . . .so I took the package home. . . and opened up all the other mail .. .all the while. . .pausing to squeeze the package. . then I sat down and slowly opened it up. . .and smiled.
These girls sent me an apron. . .just because. It came from Trish's house and she enclosed a beautiful hand written card .. .I was so tickled pink.
I put it on. . .and pranced around. . and looked in the mirror. . .and modeled it for my beloved. . .and he looked mildly amused. . .
Fortunately things were happening in my kitchen so the photo op was set up. . .and I posed for you to see.
Thank you my dear cooking pals. . .you all should have one of these. .
I had visions of us all wearing matching aprons . . cooking up a feast to share.. . . more thinking in the middle of the night.
When the cooking blog was born. . .I wanted to be clear that we would never profit from the sale of the blog or the publishing of it. . .but no one mentioned anything about not selling aprons. . .
How many aprons would we have to sell to have a Mennonite Girls Can Cook Conference?
Have a wonderful day my friends.. .


  1. Trish is brilliant! That apron is wonderful and I'm not even a Mennonite gal. You look so cute, Lovella!

  2. Ha! It looks fabulous on you Lovella! Hats off to Trish for the great idea. Enjoy...

  3. Oh Lovella....I am sooooooo happy it finally arrived in that little rural post box! Grin! Simple words on a simple cotton burlap apron...but such a big impact! As I have noted...many many read the MGCC blog and not only immediately feel at home and welcome but are witnessed to by the additional words and comments of women who not only love to cook and bake, but believe in sharing, in giving and hospitality. The often 'hop' then to the personal blogs whereby there is more opportunity for blessing. Thanks again are an inspiration truly to us all. Now....about the aprons and the 'conference'....hmmmm. Maybe a coffee session will be in order with the 'locals'...what say ye?!

  4. i was wondering when that little pkg would arrive. trish spoke to us about a while back, but good things are worth waiting for and clearly it came at the very moment it know, for when you are busy cooking in the kitchen. so when aren't you busy in the kitchen? so well deserving...our great leader!

  5. You look adorable!! And I love your kitchen...time to get my apron on and start cookin!!

  6. I could somehow picture us all in a test kitchen...wearing our aprons! Sounds like a calendar in the making to me...a recipe for each month. How about it?

    Enjoy your apron, wasn't meant to stay white.

  7. Isn't that fun to dream?
    I know someone else who has a big dream about setting up a real Menno kitchen selling traditional food items.
    Who knows maybe this will still come into action.
    When I can't sleep, I either dream or pray...
    We love you and appreciate your dreams and encouragement.

  8. You look very happy wearing your wonderful gift and all that delicious food on your kitchen counter waiting for your attention...

    An MGCC conference would certainly be a delicious event! You could host it at the B&B and everyone could come enjoy the locale and stay at the B&B.

  9. This 'night idea' that you had, Lovella, is growing into a 'big' thing with huge promise !! smile
    and I love that it is growing because of the 'fun' everyone finds it to be!

    When I want a recipe, I come straight to the MGCC blog before I reach for my recipe book shelf.

  10. I had to keep reminding myself not to ask if the package from Trish had arrived. Such a sweet idea Trish, for our sweet friend. With the MCC sale coming up this weekend you just might be able to set up a booth! Look at you...the new Martha Stewart with a Mennonite twist. Love the calendar idea Judy. Kathy

  11. so cute!! and not just the apron :)

  12. The apron, the kitchen and you: Adorable!

    Yeah...I want in on that conference!

  13. Lovella,
    The apron is great! Are you sure they aren't for sale? I'd be your first customer and buy several!

    I appreciate your blog. I come visit when I have the time and internet connection. I used to live close to where you live but now live on the other side of the world to share my life with people here. As a very newly married woman I especially appreciate your aim to share and encourage marriage when so much is set against it. Thanks! Keep it up!

  14. Move over Paula Deen!

    Very cute!

    I've already shared MGCC with a few of my friends - it's wonderful!

    And let me know when the conference is coming up - will we actually get to taste all those lovely recipes? I'll be first in line :)

  15. That's so great! I love the blog too. :)

  16. Can you just imagine all the hype and nightly news coverage the MGCC conference could generate? Famous MGCC bloggers, known all over the world!

  17. What is the MCC sale? Lovella? Another event your way? Food? what....let me know.... And yep...a calendar is a great idea actually...hmmmm...

  18. Thank you Lovella for making this Blog happen. The Apron was a great idea Trish and expresses our grateful hearts. It's lots of fun to see all the great recipes on the MGCC blog and to be able to share the site with friends.

    I'll be going to the MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) sale tonight. It's on Fri. night and in Abbotsford but there are sales all over the country. there are lots of food booths featuring mennonite foods of course but also foods from other nations and a wonderful quilt auction and fresh produce and handmade crafts and new and used goods for sale. Everything is donated and all the funds raised are donated to help the needy all over the world. It's a huge Mennonite family reunion/gathering of friends old and new. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I think they raise well over $200,000.00 every year just in Abbotsford alone.


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