Jill makes me laugh

In the summer of 2007. . .Jill from Texas came to visit me.
We spent a week together seeing the local sights. . .and . . . we talked .. . and laughed.
Yesterday. . .we laughed some more. . .her at her house in Salt Lake City .. where they've recently moved to .. .and I in my house.

I woke up really early yesterday morning. . .and crept into the office of the bungalow to do some "office work" and tried to be quiet about it since my beloved was still in resting mode.

I just so enjoy the new blogger feature that enables me to preview .. .quickly what is up on each of my blog friends. . .blogs.
Imagine the look on my face. . .when I read this teaser line. . .on Jills blog.

In the meantime. . I'm posing with my chocolate pie. . . (doing my best impression of her Lovella)
Sorry. . .I didn't make muffins yesterday. . .and I didn't have a pink top .. purple is close.

Who doesn't love chocolate pie. . besides Judy . .?

You can see that over at Mennonite Girls Can Cook. ..

Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. I checked out Jill's 'Lovella friend'...what a hoot! The similarity? I think it's the hairdo and the friendly smile of course! But then handing out baked goodies..that could also be 'our Lovella'. hehe

  2. I'd be tickled pink (or purple?) if you showed up in my neighborhood with a slice of chocolate pie! Come anytime!

    That was really funny, wasn't it?!

  3. Thanks for the warning, I'm going to wait till after lunch to go check out your pie! :0)
    Now I'm headed over to Jill's...

  4. Must go find out what this is all about. I do love that new feature so!

  5. You do a great 'Lovella' impersonation! Jill is so funny...we had a good laugh at our house as well.

    I'm thinking I will have to install the new blogger feature...how many hours will it take me to figure that out?

  6. I had a look too...not unlike you!

  7. That's hilarious!

    chocolate pie??

    You're trying to kill me...

  8. What's the new blogger feature, Lovella?

  9. You two are so funny! Maybe one day you will get to meet your twin...but until then, it makes a great story...you do resemble each other!


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