thinking about you . .

This week I have felt strangely affected by the lives of some of my friends in bloggyland.
Upon my return several weeks ago from camping there was a letter waiting for me in my email.
It was from someone who wanted to tell me that they thought that someone else in bloggyland was living a fantasy through her blog.
How sad that this lady felt inclined to stop blogging. . .
I still think about her. . .weeks later. . .
If you are reading my blog.. . .my friend. . . I want you to know. . .
I pray for you. . .there is no other way to contact you ..
but your deleted blog has made me sad.
I also know that families are torn apart. . .different from when their blog began. .
this makes me sad. . .I don't know the circumstances but I know there is hurt. .
I know of families that have experienced great loss and serious illness and accidents. .
at least seven come to mind. . .
each one of these situations are real. . . and I've prayed for each one of you. . .
Bloggyland is not a real community in the sense that we see each other every week as some of us do at church on the weekends. . .
I still need my church community. .. a place where I can learn and be part of a community that loves and encourages and challenges me. . .
and keeps me accountable.
Never the less, we are a community that is not by chance but I believe that God has orchestrated our paths to cross .. to encourage and to challenge each other. . .
and motivate each other to be all that our lives were purposed to become.
We never really can know all that is on the other side of the keyboard. .
for some. . .blogging is certainly an escape. . a chance for acceptance. .
and possibly an opportunity to present a life that is desired.
I can't possibly know all of you. . .or know where your heart is. . .
but I know someone who does.. . .
and He loves you unconditionally . . . .
as He loves me unconditionally in spite of my warts .. .and lately . wrinkles.
If you are hurt. . .and alone. . I hope . . that you find the ultimate love your soul longs for.
If you are dissapointed in life. . . I'm sorry .
All of us .. .
have a void in our lives. . .
that only Christ can fill.
As you go into the weekend. . I pray that your heart will be
strangely drawn to the one who can meet you . . . where ever you are. . .
Our church is having its fall kick off. . .a new start .. you already know I love those. .
If you need a place to belong, besides .. bloggyland. .
look for a community church what will love you and make you feel welcome.
My heart is singing today. . .
and I felt compelled to share the hope with you that I have. . .
Have a wonderful weekend my friends .. .
the weather looks mighty nice in our neck of the woods.


  1. AMEN.........tender hearted and lovingly wriiten, just like you, tender hearted and lovingly created
    by our Heavenly Father and you express God's love for us beautifully...bless you!

  2. darn......typo AGAIN! i thought that i was a t...oh a sign of my

  3. Thank you Lovella for that reminder..'how vast the Father's love for us'.
    Bless you for being 'yourself'.
    I want my heart to sing today..

  4. Thanks once again Lovella, for writing what I sometimes "Think" about but never quite "Do"
    You express your issues with a deep sensitivity and sincere passion.

  5. A very compassionate post - thanks Lovella. Yes I'm praying that the one you mentioned finds deep comfort in the One who knows all about us and loves us still - and, just as you mentioned, a church family. who love Him and each other. hope your weekend is lovely - we're enjoying sun today!! A little break before Hannah hits :)

    (I don't think "distant precipitation" referred to Hannah - simply because it was a few days ago and we've had rain every day since. I really don't know what it meant - I should google it :)

  6. Well said, Lovella! What a great community we have in bloggyland...we enjoy each others joys and share in each others pain...and pray for one another. But we can't look into each others eyes...we can't really hold each other accountable...and we still need a community of believers 'with skin on'.

  7. Thanks for always pointing people to Christ! It is so encouraging to see Christians pointing out the importance of the local church family. So many seem not to see the need for that anymore. And yet, that is how Christ ordained for so many of His blessings to come.

  8. I do hope that everyone knows our Heavenly Father understands and accepts us in His love!

  9. Lovella....your posts are always so wonderfully written and you are willing to be used to impart direct words of wisdom as I am sure this is needed. I too worry about some I know whose only way of 'escape' from the world is through this means. But for several I know whose life is full of suffering and pain in supporting a loved one through medical is their only get on to the web at night and communicate and share. So it a real opportunity to those housebound and unable to belong to the physical community. There are also those, as we know, who are just 'finding their way' and are able to be 'safe' in the environment of (hopefully) loving friends). But in all things we need to be diligent in our lives, to ensure we do not neglect the needs of those around us, to balance our lives with all that we do and to realize - as you say - the necessity of the 'real' community around us. Oh Lovella, you seem to get these notes and letters sent your way, but probably because you are spirit filled and are best equipped to respond as God directs.

  10. I echo my Amen! Lovella, your heart shows here... and you have expressed it in well chosen words!

  11. Thank you for tackling sensitive issues with love and compassion and is an inspiration to me to try and do the same, with Our Lord's continual help.

    No doubt there are as many reasons for blogging as there are people who blog and I know many of us have been blessed to find new, real friends who share common interests and faith, albeit distant friends whom we may never meet face to face. You are one of them, Lovella.

    Thank you for your caring heart and desire to speak truth in love. And you speak it so well, a gift the Lord has blessed you with.

  12. Sweet thoughts, Lovella, and so very true...the emptiness of our hearts can only be filled by Him.

    Love your new header!

  13. I feel on the receiving end of one of those friends torn apart by tragedy...but God is showing forth good from Don's accident.

    Thank you so much for all of your prayers and your love notes to me and my family....I am slowly eking my way back to some of my favorite things like staying connected to all of my wonderful friends here in the blogging world. God bless you all for being so faithful.xoxoxoxo

  14. Your gentle spirit resounds yet again. You are beautiful inside and out.

  15. What a lovely post! You are able to express in writing what I would love to say. but can never find the right words.

    I have met so many friends in blogdom, while we have never met face to face, I still count them as friends. When my grandmother passed away last month, I was awestruck by the prayers and cards I received from my bloggy friends.




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