hot dogs

Hot Dogs. . ..Yummy Hot Dogs. . . Come and get your Hot Dogs. . .

Yesterday morning my mother by love showed up at my door. . .

She had her pot. . .her two wooden spoons dedicated for making relish ..
"her" knives. . .and her food processor.

Now it isn't that my kitchen isn't properly equipped. . .but she likes her stuff.

She also had bags of fresh veggies. .
cucumbers, peppers, cauliflower and onions. .
she had spices and jars and lids and vinegar. .
I supplied the sugar and the flour.
We sliced and we diced and stopped to have a cup of coffee with "our" beloved .. .

who wasn't allowed indoors. . .(more about that tomorrow). .

She also brought a nice piece of plum pie by the yard. . .for coffee break. . .
and I supplied the toasted BLT's for lunch. . .

(again "our" beloved ate his outdoors). . .

Three hours after the slicing and dicing and the sitting of the veggies in the salt ..
we stirred ... . and poured and sealed our jars. .

After "we" cleaned up. . . she put her pot and her food processor and her knives back in her trunk. . .and moseyed on home. . .

What did she get for all her trouble?

Four small jars of relish .. .that'll do me. . she said. . .
I sure would like a wiener roast in your back field. .. .she said.
The rest of them. . .are mine ours .. . .

I ran after her as she was leaving. . .she nearly forgot to take home yet another empty cookie container .. . the kids are out.

I love her love language. . .she is a server. . . always has been. . .and I imagine. . .
she always will be.

Have a wonderful day my friends. .

I'm off for my walk.


  1. What a wonderful day, Lovella! And to share it with a wonderful MIL..
    I'm wondering why your beloved couldn't come in the house??
    And now I will mosey on down to mgcc to check out this relish recipe!

  2. What?? Someone else up early like me? I don't feel so alone anymore (I've been awake since 4 am). That relish sounds delicious and I LOVE wiener roasts. Your mom in love is a special lady - I have fond memories of working with her in the church library.

  3. What a great way to spend a day! The relish looks lovely!

  4. I love relish. I love hot dogs. I'll be right over. How far is it from North Carolina?

    Your comment to Heidi was so sweet.

  5. nice...making relish together must have been so much fun. what a great way to spend the day. Now I am wondering what the 'secret' is....

  6. Hi Lovella!! Sounds like a wonderful day and with yummy results!! Just a quick note to tell you that i've tried a couple of recipes from them!! So happy to have the blog to check back to and hunt for new recipes! (Grant loved the Mexican casserole!!).

  7. Oh...that so reminds me of the days my MIL came to 'help' me. She would arrive with a trunk full of supplies and leave the fruit of our labours with me. And she always came with fruit I miss those days. Your relish looks great!

  8. How fabulous! The relish, the pie, the BLT's,the MIL with her own stuff. Nothing like a good ole Hebrew National or Nathan's hot dog smothered with hot dog relish....

  9. I have never had homemade relish.
    But this looks like another good way to spend a day with someone else.
    It's way more fun processing together isn't it?

  10. How fortunate you are to have such a serving MIL - she sounds wonderful.
    I love hot dogs, I have to admit - especially roasted over an open fire. Best part of camping! Sometimes we'll even go down to Birch Bay when it's a nice evening to watch the sunset over the water and roast hot of the rare few parks that have fire pits and allow open fires.
    Lori T

  11. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Did your beloved get sprayed by a skunk or something? Hee hee?! Why do you keep us in suspense?

  12. That sounds so much like what my mom has done over the years and still does as much as she can. So good to have women who set an example for us. I'm so glad you have a mom by love like that and that I just got to know her a bit better. Haven't seen her for a long time.

  13. There is something very precious about getting along and spending time with our MILs. We are learning from these great woman to serve our families, provide alittle still for our families and love into our families lives. Such blessings, such fun. Glad you had a fun day and I just bet Terry has been in the barn just a tad too long:) Weiner roast in fall, now that sounds worth the effort. Kathy

  14. that's a lovely thing to have a mother you can can with...

  15. What a wonderful DIL you are to honor your MIL in such a way! The relish looks so good.

    I also wondered (like the anonymous commenter) if "someone" tangled with a skunk!

  16. hmmm.. what is it about hotdogs? Weiner roasts around a campfire have a spot in everyone's happy memories .... and homemade relish? Mmmmmm... sounds like you had a lovely day ... except poor least it was a nice sunny day to be shut out of his house!

  17. It's been a long time since your MIL got face time on this blog. I kinda missed hearing about her and your SIL too.

    Can't wait to find out why T. was locked out for the day (tee hee...)

    And wish someone would come over and make me some relish!

  18. Thank you for your blog comment at my place. It's always nice to hear from you. Aren't apples the essence of autumn?

    I really enjoyed your relish post. It sounds delicious and how special that your mother-in-love helped you so much. You have inspired me! I'd like to make some relish, but first, I'm going to use my sweet basil and make pesto for the freezer. Yum!

    I hope your week is going great!


  19. My MIL is just the same - making pickles, jams and keeping the cookie jars full - for 6 children spouses and 21 grandchildren :)

    I'm starting my mustard pickles today.

    I'm glad the stinky job is over and hope that Terry enjoys his magazine. My beloved's reward would be a trip to Tim's :)

  20. Ohhhh, now I have the answer. I wondered when I only had time for a quick read.

    Your MIL is so cute. I bet that you and she have wonderful times together.


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