garage sale

On Saturday I ran up to the kids to retrieve the lil' farmhand. . .

As I pulled into their drive, my senses perked up as a saw the garage sale next door with little kid things on the market.

The medium sized kids next door were begging encouraging me to come peruse their quality merchandise . .. .so I did.

I did my best impersonation of a not so interested granny. .. .as my eagle eyes set upon the multiple sets of wheels.

The wagon. . . had last seen a dusty road. . . and I mentally noted that the car washing brigade would soon be set up back at the farm .. .one or two more vehicles in the lineup would hardly be noticed. . .especially with the mention of grands getting dusty bottoms.

So. . . .

I set my jaw in a firm .. . no nonsense line. . . whittled them down five bucks ..

and gleefully set to packing the vehicles into my vehicle.

A little garage sale shopping . ..
Perfect weather. . .
visiting with the grands. . .
We had a great weekend.
Oh .. .and today .. .is the day my beloved has been anticipating all summer long.
We are experiencing a summer like high pressure ridge in British Columbia.
The temperature is perfect.
The chores are underway, and after they are done .. .
well. . .I'll take some pictures.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Excellent find! Your grands are going to love having you in their camp.

    I get to have a Nonni day this week myself...can't wait!

  2. what a great find and it looks like the grands will have a ball with the wagon :)

  3. How cute! Good job with the garage-sale-shopping!

  4. You did good! Enjoy this beautiful, sunny day.

  5. Zoom, zoom!! The little one looks like a natural in his new set of wheels. I think he takes after his grampa!

  6. One person's discards is another person's treasures! Don't you just love it when you find a good bargain?
    Lori T

  7. i just love your enthusasim in being a grammie....have a great day and we all look forward to those pics!

  8. Isn't it getting better all the time?
    Blogging takes on new meaning with those little ones.
    It feels so good to make a bargain.

  9. oK... I'll bite .. what do you have planned for today ??
    There is a southern phrase for how you so often leave us ..."a turkey in suspece"
    Very neat find ... and one that will be much used and loved !!

  10. Whoo Hoo! Great finds! I'm sure he loves his new wheels!



  11. What great finds! just as we were getting ready to pull out to the wedding this weekend I found a bed for Rachel down the street at a sale! Yay! Now she has a lovely white bed, James is in a big boy bed and Baby Cakes has left the crib and moved to the Toddler Bed. He took his first nap in it this afternoon. Imagine our surprise at finding him in his CRIB at the end of naptime. I guess he just couldn't get to sleep in the new bed and figured he better climb back in himself! :) Garage sales are fun when you find something like this!

  12. Sadly we just dont have those sort of sales here, but I do remember going with my daughter, way up in Northern BC, to sales, such fun and so many bargains!

  13. Now pushing that baby race car driver would make taking a walk a whole lot more fun!

    Enjoy your warm weather!

  14. Yes...grandsons need to learn to start washing cars early. Why, age 10 month is the perfect time to start!

    Good for you for putting the kid to work!

  15. Oh Lovella, you are too funny.. love the way you managed to describe me at garage sales :)

  16. that wagon is a great find - ours get LOTS of use.

  17. I totally miss garage sales. Great finds you got and great prices. You are one great grandma. Blessings from way down south.

  18. Now that's my kind of shopping. It's fabulous and he seems so pleased to be in it!


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