free fun

Packing around the grands. . .

I've noticed how much they love shadows. . .

I humor them. . .

with my best shadow shapes .. .

I particularly like to point out to them. . .

my very long legs. . .

I have the best free fun imaginable today. . .
the wee ones are on their way. . .
. . .I have my runners on. . .
they're crawling . . .
Have a wonderful day my friends.
( my walk . . . will be a run)


  1. How fun! What a terrific grammie you are! Enjoy your day!

  2. I've been watching the lengthening shadows, too, but none of mine are so fabulous as yours. Have fun with your grammie time. I get a whole day of nonni time in October...can't wait!

  3. Ha! Love the shadow shots. Enjoy your running around after those little ones today...

  4. What fun! Enjoy your'll sleep well tonight.

  5. Hey there! I used to love making shadow shapes when my kids were little! Somehow, though my shadows now take on the shape of the Staypuffed Marshmallow man! LOL! Keep having all that free fun! It's the best kind!

  6. Shadow-making, picture-taking and grand babies - triple fun!

  7. My little granddaughter loves shadows too and we say a poem over and over as we walk and watch our shadow. 'I have a little shadow, it goes in and out with me, and every where that I go my shadow goes with me'. Loved your shadow shots. And who ever said you have short legs...take a look now:) Free fun is often the best. Enjoy your day. I think you may be crawling too. I did yesterday and the chase was on accompanied with fits of giggles. Enjoy your day. Kathy

  8. It just keeps getting better and better. Soon you'll be making swings and toys and creating walks in the dark with their little mystery bags and on and on....
    It's fun to be so creative.

  9. Ohh Lovella you are a hoot ! and I understand the exitment coming grandkids bring to one's heart !!
    But I'd keep my feet on the ground if I were you, at least while they are underfoot !! smile

    Enjoy your day !!

  10. You are so very, very tall! What fun pictures, I really enjoyed looking at them, they made me smile and laugh.

  11. cute post and you are a terrific gram thats for sure! have a good day!

  12. Clever camera shots! Could be a family tradition...once the grans are old enough to make shapes too.

  13. My my what long legs you have!


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