fall clean up begins

The Fall asters have taken over the beds.
They grow wild up in the mountains .. and we plant them as perennials in our gardens.
This last August they were nearly finishing their bloom in the mountain ..
down here in the valley. . . their time has come.
Fall coloring in earnest is yet some time away here in the valley .. .
but the clean up of the gardens has commenced.
I'll be outside this afternoon with my wheelbarrow and my pruners. .
The other day, I called my beloved in for lunch. .
moments later I heard the hedge trimmer roar to life .. .
He said. . ."I'm just going to buzz over this climbing hydrangea"
Now look at this picture my friends. . .
Here you have a man. . .that has very sore shoulders. . .
You might not be able to see it very clearly. .
there is a footstool for our lawn chairs in the bed of the truck. . .
to add support. . .
The shoes have been removed. . so as not to scratch the paint. . .
And indeed. . . not 10 minutes later. . .he was in for lunch.
This is not uncommon. . .
if you drive by and see us out there cleaning up our yard today. .
and you see odd things. . . you might like to wave. .
we'll wave back.
Have a wonderful weekend my friends.
See you Monday.


  1. I love the purple asters...

    What a hard-working fella you have there! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Ha! I think I'll be out in the yard this weekend doing a bit of clean up to! Enjoy...

  3. Don't wave back! That's a very precarious position and I wouldn't want you two stockinged footed people to lose your balance!

    I so need to clean up the flowers. They're all looking revolting, yet I just allow them to languish.

  4. Have fun out there today! I'm going walking with Emme and Spencer's class...so I'll enjoy other people's gardens.

  5. I too have begun fall clean up..I join vee in that some of my plants look revolting right now..after this weekend they will be but a faint memory..

  6. Projects Projects Projects. We've been doing similiar things.
    The sun is to shine, but take care of that man...'s shoulder.

  7. I just may look down on you in your yard today. I just can't seem to get motivated to do anything this week. It must be my personality type:) Kathy

  8. Purple asters grow wild here too- all along our ditches. But they're not as brilliant purples.

    I have to do the same thing with my flower garden - I have too many spring flowers. *note for next year...plant some fall flowers. Don't let me forget ok Lovella?

    Enjoy your weekend! Hope the shoulder is better soon.

  9. So...does fall clean up include spring bulb planting? I notice them in all the stores and am wondering!

  10. What a helpful man...hope his shoulder is feeling better.

    Happy gardening Lovella!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  11. And with a mean, nasty tool, too. In stocking feet. Balanced on the side of a truck bed.

    At least you have a trimmed hydrangea.

  12. I'ld love to get out and about, dead heading, pruning, and weeding. Its a great day for it! Maybe this afternoon I will have put in my quota of everything else, and enjoy the luxury of cleaning up the garden. What amazing weather! We are blessed!


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