blue skies. . .around me

I've been loving . . .loving .. . loving our weather here in
Beautiful British Columbia.
The drizzly weather that bothered us a bit ago, is gone and we are enjoying
a warm end to summertime.
I've been keeping an eye on our climbing hydrangea this summer ..
will the two sides meet and join forces to become a nice
full arbor?
Well, it certainly seems that next summer. . .
they'll close the gap. .

My beloved is fighting with the weeping cedar tree ..

it's going to get a bit of a pruning. ..

I stood and watched the sun shine down through the branches. .

Our glossy dark green magnolia bush . . .
still feels full of life. . .
sending out a few more blossoms.

Abraham Darby is as freshly scented now as it was in spring.

I'd love to have these blooming all winter long. . .
but I'd likely get spoiled.

the signs are here .. .
fall is around the corner. . .
one yellow leaf here and there. . .
but for today . . . I'm wearing shorts and a tank top. . .
and I'm loving it.
Have a wonderful weekend my friends.. .


  1. wonderful blessing this last warmth of summer on us...isn't it. Yes....and the weekend is to be lovely too. Have a great one

  2. Could it be any nicer? We have to live in the most beautiful place! And how nice to enjoy the gardens at this time of the year.

  3. I'm so glad that summer returned with all her glory. Send that nice weather east wouldja?

  4. Oh you've got some beauties about the farm! Love all the photos. Those rainbow prisms are amazing that you captured taking that photo into the sun. Enjoy your days...

  5. Isn't the fall rose bloom magnificent? The fall flowers seem especially untroubled by the spring time mildews and bugs.

    Thanks for a peek at your garden. I do love your pretty bowers and nooks.

  6. Oh, your plants are beautiful. I've never seen a climbing hydrangea ... bet it's an eye catcher when it blooms! We're ending our summer with a good round of hurricanes. Ike's outer bands are really pounding us today. I'll be glad for this season to be finished!

  7. I'm loving this time of year..we're also having warm sunshine and yet a hint of autumn in the air..perfect!!

  8. I'm thinking that a walk would sound nice eh? This is the best time of year for walking, while you notice all the subtle changes.
    I think I love Fall the best.
    The roses look beautiful.

  9. Isn't the weather just perfect? I'm enjoying it so much! Your yard looks beautiful and I hope Terry survived the willow tree!!!

    :) LaTaeDah

  10. Yes..I agree ! Our end of summer is one of the best we have had in recent years. I'd label it PERFECT!
    Your photos are lovely! expecially the one with the captured sunrays!
    Enjoy your day!

    (PS. I replied to your last comment on my blog.. smile)

  11. I know you're enjoying that wonderful weather. "Ike" has left us, but I'm really concerned about the folks along the Texas coastline. We're back to just hot-hot-hot, with lots of humidity (right now, our heat index is 102F).

  12. i love everything about fall. it is my favorite season. those pics are really beautiful.

  13. This weather is such a treat from above. Enjoyed my garden with the little ones and their Mommy this morning and I enjoyed a peek at yours too. The picture of the rainbow sunshine is so cool. Kathy

  14. I hate not being able to get out and enjoy the weather today! Your garden looks lovely, as always. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to breath deeply the smells of fall. Thanks for the window!

  15. My 2 hydrangeas are putting out new blooms now. I was so pleased - I just bought them this year for my new flower bed. They were looking rather poorly after the initial blooming but thankfully, they seem to have recovered. They are the endless bloom variety and once they are established, I'm hoping that they will send blooms out all summer.I've never heard of the climbing variety. They look lovely.

    My phlox are doing well and my snowball bush is covered with blossoms. My flower pots are still looking good too.

    I guess all this rain has some benefits :)

    I've heard that a rainy summer also makes for a spectacular fall foliage.

    Lets hope!!


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