Apple Bar. . .

Dewy grass early in the morning. .. and early in the evening. . .
warm sunshine during the day. .
it is September on the calendar. . .
but I'm stashing vitamin D for those long dreary months ahead.
Our apple tree is heavy with ripening apples.
I smile as I see each new post over at Mennonite Girls Can Cook.
The girls are systematically going through their hand written recipes.
As the seasons change the ovens notice the difference.
The berries are all but done. . . few lingering black berries are ripening in our field. .
but now, it is the apples that catch my eye.
I made our favorite Apple Bar on the weekend to share with
friends. . .or should I say family.
One of our "daughter by love's" parents invited us over for dinner with their other daughter's by love parents. .. .
How delightful to be in this season of life,
our children have left home,
but our world has gotten a bit bigger. . . .a bit richer. . .
for knowing their fine folks.
Have a wonderful day my friends. . . .
I have company coming for dinner. . . .and my ribs need to be rubbed. . .


  1. Those apple bars look very tasty. I'll be in Washington the last weekend in September to finally enjoy some real signs of fall. We're still in summer mode in Southern Ca. :0)

  2. ooooo, ribs, can't wait for that recipe!!!
    sounds like you are having wonderful fall favorite time of year, too bad it is the shortest season!

  3. This is my fave time of year and I'm loving our beautiful weather these about those ribs, I'm waiting with Charlotte for the recipe!

  4. yummy! but alas, I can't indulge :(
    I've often thought I should add some of my Gluten Free sweet-tooth recipes to the MGCC blog...maybe I can get added?

  5. What kind of apples are those, Lovella? I love all those local backyard apples for baking...they're the best!

    I'll watch for the rib recipe.

  6. Could you explain your last comment?
    Apples, Blackberries, and Raspberries still bearing fruit. Pie Time?
    It's such a wonderful time to be looking at fruit and seeing how we can preserve them for the long months ahead.

  7. You're making me smile with your rib comment! I checked out your apple recipe - it looks great.

  8. I'm smiling at that ribs comment!

    I think anything made with apples makes the best dessert!

  9. Enjoy your dinner and thank you for adding the Apple Bar recipe to the MGCC blog. I snagged it. How blessed you are to have your own marvelous apple tree. I must get to the orchard this week!

  10. I used to make that bar.. I got the recipe from a friend whose Mom was an awesome cook!
    I LOVE apple season.. I'm looking forward to going to the Apple Barn Farm and picking my own apples!

  11. I'll be headed there next -- I'm subscribed, so I never miss a thing. You all put such great recipes and pictures on there! Maybe someday you'll publish a book! Maybe I'll get some ideas for my apples....


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