30 year fashion repeat

I was more than mildly amused when I picked this months issue of my favorite Canadian magazine.. . .

It was featuring the trend watch for this falls fashions.

I had a moment of de ja vu. . .big time.

Thirty years ago I made this "sweet" wool suit . . .three piece suit.
I wanted to "appear" mature in my going away outfit.
Nineteen years old in a gray wool suit. . off on my honeymoon.
I have wondered since that day at my choice of a somber slightly masculine selection which was made feminine by the addition of a red blouse and BIG bow. . .
No matter. . . it all makes sense now. . I was just a wee bit ahead of my time.
I thought this enlightening moment needed to be documented.
Have a wonderful day my friends. . .
I'm off for my walk.


  1. Although my suit wouldn't have been wool, I, too, had one very similar to that. I found the jacket and paid too much for it, made a skirt to match, and then added a blouse that my mother made...with a huge bow in front. I wore that suit to a wedding...and found out later that day that I was in the family way! That would have been 28 years ago next month...I guess I was a bit slow in getting with the fashion!

  2. i knew i should of kept all my clothes from years ago. my kids would want to wear them now. (well probalby not, who am i kidding.) you are cute and very stylish as a young pride. things haven't changed much...;)

  3. oh my goodness lovella, why don't i check my spelling before i click send....!BRIDE, not pride and probably, not probalby...is there spell check on comments...lol

  4. Oh look at you all trendy and fashionable! I'm amazed that you made that. Very talented young lady...

  5. That suit is great! I mean it. Do you still own it. I think you could haul it out again and have a classic. Speaking of which, some women are classic and you fall into that category.

  6. Isn't it so facinating at how fashions of past days just keep making fresh apprearances. My MIL still has her going away ourfit in her cedar chest from 53 years ago. Afew years ago we both thought about pulling it out and wearing it again. Red knit two piece....and so cute. I'm sure you and I will be wearing a double breasted wool jacket sometine in the near future. You should send your photo into the magazine. Kathy

  7. Yes, I have to repeat . . . a very talented young lady you were then already! Can you believe that we're actually talking about "30" years ago? Do you even feel older than 35? When I read the title I was almost expecting another picture. I had one of those moments recently when I saw a young lady with her jogging pants hiked way up! Maybe my old photos will not look so bad in a year or two. Ah, who am I kidding?

  8. It's a beautiful suit, Lovella! My sister had a going away suit much like that in February of 1979...which she sewed as well. Does anyone still sew their own clothing?

  9. Isn't that interesting..the same style! I too am wondering if you still have that outfit? If you do could you model it for us?

  10. Pencil skirts are back.
    I think we all looked so trendy during those years. Did you notice John's pants on my blog?
    OH, My how the trends recyle themselves.
    I sewed most of my honeymoon clothes...

  11. I had a wool skirt with a cape for my going away outfit.

    Do they even have going away outfits now??

  12. Oh yes...I forgot to mention - my Dh's first cousin sewed both my wedding dress and my going away outfit - she's a very talented seamstress (actually Wardrobe Mistress for the Confederation Center Theater and sews all the Anne of GG costumes) She kindly offers to do any sewing for special occasions like weddings and proms so I never learned to sew... that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it :)

  13. ooooh would you like to kiss the bride??? so sweet

    Looking forward to the changing of the seasons..we kinda "lost" the summer....
    I am certainly touched and warmed by your thoughts and prayers.

    It's all I can do to keep up with care giving and updates but it's so rewarding...stop in if you have a moment


  14. I've been telling my girls for years that "I wore that in the 60s or 70s. It was ugly then and it's ugly now!"

    Not that your gray suit was ugly. Not at all! Very nicely sewn and tailored and you looked so very grown up.

    I'm referring to the bell bottoms, the baby doll dresses, the lime green/yellow/orange psychedelic patterns.

    Sometimes I see great thrift store finds featured on blogs and realize, "Oh my! That may be the sheet, shirt, sweater that I finally got rid of!" My outdated junk is someone else's treasure.

  15. I love it! You're definitely a trend setter, Lovella.

  16. Checking in...yup, I wore a rust colored suit as my going away outfit. Weren't we all just the most original thinking group? LOL.

    The big drape bow on a shirt thing was cute then to add a faux bustline. I'm finding the extra inches in that area is just not needed anymore...

    Kudos on your sewing/tailoring skills! I've made one tailored wool suit. It took forever!

  17. Lovella, I've been noting the same thing --- the swing in fashion --- and was just mentioning to DH last week how I was seeing fashionable outfits that are 'in' and really are 'old', as they were 'in' when I was a teen or early adult.

    And even more than that, I am smiling (again) at our similarities. I also wore a going away suit that I made. Mine too was black and gray, but I wasn't as flashy as you (grin). My shirt was a cream satin (highly polished) with a ruffle around the neck and a black, velvet ribbon. :)

    Such memories!


  18. What a style trend setter you are Lovella.

    I wish I didn't love clothes as much as I do. Honestly, I'd rather go shopping for vintage clothes than eat.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted


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