29 year old van

Pulling the old van out of the attic yesterday proved to provide hours of endless fun. . .
for us. .
Having both grands over. . .we needed a second vehicle.
It might have been funny when our boys rode this van. . .
but nothing compared to how funny it was yesterday.
In between pushing his little cousin on her Diego car. . up and down the hallway.
He hopped on this van.
He might have short legs. . but he does not have short legged boy syndrome.
If both legs can't reach the ground. . . one can. . .
and off he went. . honking the horn.
Cousin Camp . .. .priceless.


  1. G'kids..oh so much fun! No matter what age they are..

  2. Looks like those bumper pads that they use at the bowling alley would come in handy! Love the "cousin camp". Seeing them interact from so little must be so much fun!!

  3. Oh... how sweet ! Enjoy every moment, they grow up sooo fast!
    Some toys just never grow old, do they..

  4. I think my parents have the same one and saved it for the grandkids as well. Caily loved riding on it as well.

  5. Again, you reiterate to me how much parenting is different than grandparenting. My mom says she loves being a grandparent even more.

  6. Thanks for your visit and kind words. I caught your comment on Vee's blog about why the pictures are on her blogroll. So I went and investigated on another blog I have recently started and was able to check off that box and dah dah it work. I appreciate your commuter savvy. Thanks, you have helped me before.

    and about that yoyo quilt, looks beautiful in your bedroom!

  7. Some of those old toys are so funny when you haul them out again eh?
    It doesn't matter how old they are.
    Levi still wants to ride his first tractor, but I keep telling him it's for Silas, and he says it's ways to small, so I show him pictures when he was so tiny.


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