1950 Merc deconstructed

Don't adjust your set. . . the picture above is dark. . . I noticed that as well. The farmer has finished his barn cleaning for fall and he's back in his shop having fun.JD has been spit and polished for the next dirty job. . .but for now. . .he sits and looks in the window of the shop. . hoping for a glimpse of his master . . . and closest friend.

Meanwhile in the shop. . . our coffee break chairs have been commandeered for the task of holding the all important hoses and the headers .. . .(I'm quite proud of the fact that I'm learning what all the parts are. . .and if anyone steps into the shop to have a look I suggest a quiz)

Oh. . .and what is this? This is the go cart that has been sitting idle . . ..built by my beloved's dad for our boys. . ..it's been hauled out for an important mission.

Carts have been constructed. . .with enough height to be able to work on the cab from its underbelly.

So. . .there it is. . .if you have been following the saga of the rod building, you might be thinking to yourself. . .are we not going backwards? I've asked that once or twice myself. . .

The little weld spots have been finished here and there. . . the motor and transmission and the hoses and the new front end, and the new gas tank and the springs and all the hoses have been fitted,. . .not unlike dress making. .
Now, the whole truck is taken apart.

The frame is riding around on the go cart. . .and is being sandblasted. All the old paint needs to come off and he's learning to sand blast.

I go out now and then. . .to have a look.. . .
Mostly I think about what to cook and what to blog. . .
We're both happy as clams. . .
He's playing make a rod. . .
I'm playing.. . . make a post.
Oh .. .I'm super excited. . .today the annual Mennonite Central Committee Relief Sale begins. We'll go stand in line with the thousands of other people to eat Mennonite Food. .. (I wish I could make it myself). . . smirk. .
Anyways, as I was saying it is a relief sale to raise money for impoverished people around the world. . . .
On Saturday there is the big auction complete with handmade quilts that go for thousands of dollars. . .all donated. . .click here to see a link to this years quilt gallery. . .
Have a wonderful weekend my friends. . .


  1. This is one of those posts that Dear will really enjoy seeing. :0)
    have fun at your fundraiser events this weekend. I remember the beautiful quilts from last year...

  2. our relief sale was last weekend, always a big attraction. he looks like he is having fun that beloved man of yours. have a good time at the sale.

  3. Our relief sale was last weekend..oops, Char already said that..hehe
    I have to admit that I haven't ever been to a MCC relief sale..how menno is that??
    Oh yeah the truck looks fine..or will!

  4. The Merc is coming right along. Those chairs look a little too nice to be in a shop, Lovella!

    Thanks for the heads up on the relief sale...I had not heard a thing about it this year.

  5. Everything is blogworthy and of interest. It's great that your hubby has such a passion for his hobby. And I think it's commendable that you care enough to learn more about it!

    That first quilt, the feature quilt, is amazing. It's not just a quilt, it's art!

  6. What a fun post! When I saw the head covering for the sandblasting, I was wondering if he didn't want to be seen on the blog, or something. Nice. Thanks for the link to the quilts. Beautiful!

  7. I love your shop. So it looks like you have some great hobbies...
    I keep thinking that my man does not have a hobby besides work, but that's OK, He sometimes just wants to hang out and watch TV while I'm busy canning or cooking.
    See you at the MCC Sale.

  8. I think I will show Scot this post and he will enjoy our next visit to the farm. Terry's Dad would have loved to see the go cart in use and work along side his son. Those quilts are so beautiful..what talent and for such a good cause. Kathy

  9. Oh I should have read this at the beginning the day. Still, I would probably have not made it there...to the MCC sale. Never been...did not even know what that was about until just this moment. Thx for the post though. So glad some of you could connect there. Sigh.... Tomorrow I am volunteering with son's school but I see the whole thing carries on tomorrow too....oh well..... There is plenty of good mennonite food in the kitchen right here.

  10. hmmm... that truck isn't alias Miss Ella, is it ? If so I would most certainly judge some backward movement here... and I don't mean the truck itself in reverse !! smile

    I'm so sorry I missed you at the sale !! The quilts were a beautiful expression of people's love and talent for stitching!


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