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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

summer fun

My little great niece Shaye is enjoying summer.
She doesn't realize it yet but this is her last summer as an only child. . .
Remember swinging in the backyard with your swimsuit on?
We have glorious blue skies here in British Columbia again today.
I just might put on my swimsuit. . .and sit under the shade tree this afternoon and read a book.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. sounds like a nice way to spend the afternoon....enjoy

  2. I'm thinking Lovella that I need a new swimsuit, so I'm avoiding travelling with the group so that I can stop and pick up something that makes me look young again.

    Have a wonderful day.

  3. I'm so glad to hear that your weather is much better than what Jill is experiencing right now!

    I love seeing the little tykes in their cool summer wear! That hat is so precious, too.

  4. Nice name (Shaye)...cute hat...swinging without a care in the world!

    Enjoy reading your book in the shade...that sounds like a vacation.

  5. She is precious, and I do remember doing that as a little girls. So carefree. we are off to the peadl the Sea Wall with our neighbours, and hope to find a patio to relax on for dinner. Enjoy your book. Kathy

  6. OK, I can't type worth a hoot! Always in a hurry! I know you get it. Laughing as I go. No spell check today. Kathy

  7. What a sweet photo. Enjoy your day!

  8. What a darling little picture...a nice read under a shade tree sounds perfect...we are having blue skies now...but storms later this afternoon...enjoy your day Lovella :)

  9. Dang...I want a swim suit just like hers! Polka dot swim suits rock!

  10. Ah I could go for a swing..I miss all the times I used to go swinging. Enjoy your beautiful day!
    It's an amazing one here too..

  11. Oh.. Lovella, that shot of Shaye is a 'capured' moment in time. It begs to be framed!!
    I can't believe how big she is already!! Poor little rich girl- she will soon be richer with siblings but poorer with attention!

  12. Wonderful way to spend a summer day! I'm sure this little one will love the new one coming along and spend many summers swinging together.

  13. Yes I remember winging with my swimmer on and pinching my little cheeks on the chain part! I remember setting up the sprinkler 'just right' so if you could swing high enough you could get wet!

  14. Isn't my little granddaughter a sweetie!! She doesn't know what changes she will be facing. I'm sure she will learn to love those two new additions to their family.


  15. I think we traded weather - we had sun the first of the season - and now we are having rain - sun - rain - sun every half hour.

    I'm trying not to sigh - the farmers needed it.

  16. I love the little swimsuit - I think I had one just like it.


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