packing for camping and the flower pots

Next week I'll be camping in the wild with my beloved and our friends Scot and Kathy.
We'll be visited by our kids for part of the time and they will be by theirs as well.
It was a wee bit tempting to post ahead pictures of our camping from last year.
We roughed it in a tent. .. .
this year we're living in luxury with a rented trailer.
Posting pictures from last years camping would lead you to be astonished by my ability to survive by eating grubs and wild greens.
In fact . . .. Kathy and I have planned a menu that will leave us huffing and puffing during the hiking.
I have frozen cinnamon buns that will sit out overnight. . . to be baked in the oven in the morning. .
Rollkuchen dough is frozen and will be fried outside for the entire campsite to smell.
Kathy has Charlotte's doughnut recipe along. . .
A tad ridiculous. . .but hey. . . .our husbands and kids don't complain.
The farm caretaker is going to be the flower care taker as well.. .
flowers are far lower on the list of what to do first. .
I thought it might be good to take a picture of the pots and baskets before I left.
Just in case.
So, I'll be gone a week and a bit. . .you all take care . . .


  1. The flowers are gorgeous!!

    Have a great week!

  2. oh my goodness, i look at those flowers and am just amazed...and awe..stonished, if i sent you pics of mine, you would either be laughing or crying, no crying because you are laughing. you have taught me so much lovella, can you teach me
    to kill my plants.......=O.
    have a wonderful time camping in your rented luxury trailer, having such amazing meals and all. enjoy!
    we will miss you both, especially me and those emails regarding proverbs. i encourage you to read them together when you have a quiet moment in the morning with that coffee and cinnamon bun that tastes way better when you camp than other wise out in God's beautiful creation...sigh.........;-)

  3. You Mennonite girls really DO cook constantly! My word..I never thought you'd go so far as to rent an oven so you can keep it up while camping!

    I do know for a fact that food does taste best when eaten at a campsite. I salute your decision to up the ante and take up baking in the forest as well.

    OK, I admit it...I am jealous of both your skill in the kitchen and in the garden as well.

    I know you will have a great time, and will come back with great pictures to share with us.

  4. How on earth do you stay so slim when you're eating all that fabulous food?!?!

    Have a wonderful, restful holiday "camping" enjoying the company of good friends and the great outdoors. I hope the weather is perfect.

    I look forward to hearing and seeing all about it when you get back!

    Lori T

  5. OH THE flowers are overflowing quite nicely! You will make all the other campers envious for sure with all the good smells coming from your site! Enjoy...

  6. You'll love your time camping, but I sure know about the preparing work before and behind...but working with others makes it way more fun.
    The flowers are gorgeous. He will take care of them.
    Have a wonderful time.
    I sure love your trailer idea. You'll feel spoiled and will never go back to tenting especially after the first rain.

  7. Lovella,

    Your flowers are beautiful, did you plant the planters yourself? Nice choice of colours and plant materials. Sounds like you'll all have a delicious time!

  8. I always thought it was a lot of work to ge ready for camping . . . doesn't everyone prepare muffin batter to bake later, freeze chile, mix up ingredients for homemade tacos . . .? But it's so much fun when you're there and can just pull out these "easy" meals, right? Have a wonderufl time! I'm jealous that your grandkids can visit you now while you're camping. We are looking forward to camping at Lake Chelan in 2010. I'll have to pull out Charlotte's doughnut recipe then . . .

  9. Marlene,
    I wish I could take credit for planting the moss hanging basket and the porch pot. .but I didn't. Our climate needs greenhouses to start the baskets to get them to this amount of growth ..
    I purchased them in may at a garden store just down the road from where we live.

  10. Your baskets look amazing! Are those 'wave' petunias? Hope they survive without your TLC next week!

    You will have such fun 'glamping' (that's glamour-camping, as I had it explained to me). Enjoy...and we'll look forward to the report!

  11. Your baskets and pots are always so pretty. Maybe you should bring the large hanging one along. We could hang it in a tree along with the swing Scot is bringing for the kids. I do think he has more fun toys along this year than me. I saw him with his lastest toy again this morning. I again had to remind him that I am not a target and neither is Lovella. Those two better behave! See you at the site! Kathy

  12. Have fun on the camping trip! It sounds so fun -- wish I could come along!

    The flowers are beautiful! I'm not sure indiana would treat them so well.

  13. Ahh, sounds like a wonderful camping trip planned or 'glamping' as Judy said. I'd go for 'glamping' any day. Have camped enough in places where even tents were 'luxury'. But the food..oh it sounds so like what we do, it sure does taste good in the 'wilds'. You will for sure attract the neighbouring campers..just don't attract the 'wildlife', meaning animals of course..hehe
    Take lots of pics, we are all waiting..
    AND my SIL did take a pot of blooming flowers along on their camping trip!

  14. Lovella...your flowers are some of the prettiest I've ever seen......Have a wonderful time...

  15. I'm reading this a little late...your camping menu sounds yummy! HOpe the flowers look this great when you return.

  16. This is really weird.. I had left a comment the day you posted this and I SAW my comment and now I came back to check on your blog and it is gone ! How can that be? very strange !!
    So I'll repeat myself... I do hope you have a wonderful time camping .. I know you will! Camping with an RV is really my style of comping!! smile


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